12 Ways To Upcycle

Being more eco friendly around the home is a goal that many households are trying to achieve. From eliminating plastic to using all natural cleaning products, there are many ways we can “go green” by switching up what we buy and use. But what about the items you already have around the house? 

Upcycling is about getting creative with items headed for landfill, and giving them a new purpose. Not sure where to get started? We’ve put together 12 ideas to inspire you.

  1. Refurbish your furniture: Give your furniture a new look and functionality with a few small tweaks! Update old furniture by sanding, painting, and varnishing.
  2. Repair your furniture: Give older or damaged items a second chance by hiring a Tasker to come fix it. Given Taskers’ expertise with assembling IKEA furniture, they are also knowledgeable about making minor repairs to your IKEA furniture.
  3. Share: If you’re a parent, you know kids grow out of stuff almost as soon as they start using it. Instead of buying new kids’ items, upcycle within your group of friends to circulate used gear, contribute what your kids have outgrown. Consider expanding the circle within local moms groups or charities. Use TaskRabbit’s donation drop-off services to assist.
  4. Repurpose: Speaking of kids, one use for old towels, sheets, etc. can be building material for tents and forts! This activity is especially suited for cool or rainy days when you’re all stuck indoors.
  5. Donate: Post on a community forum if you have an excessive amount of something–for instance, wine corks, newspapers, wood, etc. Chances are someone in your area will have a use for them! On balance, use these forums to source furniture, clothes, and kitchen items. that you’re looking for. A Tasker can help transport the items from your home to their next home.
  6. Reinvent the wheel: Add wheels to furniture–like a small bookshelf–and turn it into a bar cart, utility cart, or kitchen island that you can move around as needed.
  7. Reupholster: Upgrade chairs with new tie-on cushions, stuffing, or fabric. Get wild with color and patterns if that’s your thing! If you’re not into the idea of reupholstering your whole couch, use a Tasker to remove it from your home–and ideally into someone else’s rather than the dump! You can post in the “free” section of Craigslist to see if there are any takers.
  8. Get scrappy: Use old clothing, scarves, or fabric scraps in all sorts of ways: as cleaning rags, gift wrapping, pillow cases, curtains, pet outfits, pet toys, doll toys, sewing practice…you can get super creative!
  9. Jazz up your walls: Who said gallery walls and wall art has to be paintings or photos? Unique wall art made of reclaimed shutters, window frames, doors, rugs, knobs, etc. is sure to spark conversation with visitors to your home, and add some warmth and texture to your walls. Get a Tasker for when it comes time to safely mount!
  10. Display your houseplants: If you’re planning on getting rid of old stools or containers, reimagine them as plant stands! As any plant parent knows, showing off your green thumb and displaying your greenery is part of the fun. Book a Painting task to make your plant display pop.
  11. Stuff a pouf–or make one: Use fabric scraps or old scarves to stuff or sew a homemade poof! This project gets bonus points because not only are you creating something from upcycled material, you can use other materials you have around the house that you may not be productively using like blankets, quilts, and pillows, as stuffing.
  12. Upgrade your storage system: If you’re tempted to toss the empty mason jars that are overwhelming your storage container cabinet, you can upcycle them into a storage system for your cabinets or pantry closet! The display will be attractive and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Organization Taskers can help create a system that works for you.

TaskRabbit partners with IKEA on furniture assembly and other services, but we also want to accomplish ambitious sustainability goals together. 🌎  

Do you have more ideas? Please share via the comments below!

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