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Weekly Task Inspiration: A Vintage Vogue Gallery & Small Jobs That Add Up


At TaskRabbit, we’re constantly trying to make our homes a place we love spending time every day. That means we’re always on the lookout for home inspiration, whether it’s a small tweak that makes all the difference or a big renovation to start afresh. Most often, we find them from you. Here are some of our favorite home projects from the TaskRabbit community this week.

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Beth B.‘s gallery wall won’t go out of style thanks to these vintage Vogue covers mounted by her Tasker, Eric. George G. also added some retro flair to a client’s home, while fellow Tasker Dennis V.‘s client went with more abstract decor.




Houston Tasker Mike L. made a little kid very happy with this recently assembled Christmas present.



Tasker Warren K. showed why he’s one of NYC’s favorite painters with clean lines and sharp edges.



When Tasking couple Samantha B. and Craig D. aren’t working on building their dream home on wheels, they’re repainting, repairing walls, and refinishing painting frames. “I love when a bunch of small jobs come together and create one helluva big picture,” says Samantha.


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  1. one thing I learned is never overlook those small jobs because that’s where the big dollars add up little by little. 🙂 p

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