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Using color therapy to paint your bedroom

Your goals for how you want to feel in your bedroom may be numerous but most likely, you want to create an environment that promotes rest. Approaching how to paint your bedroom with color therapy in mind can renew your relationship with your bedroom–and with sleep! 

While color therapy is not an exact science–there is no prescription for how a certain color will make you feel–we’ve assembled the colors that are typically associated with bedrooms, and the vibes that you can get with a fresh coat of paint.


Blues are well known to emanate calmness and peace. But too dark a blue can feel like a bummer, not to mention that people can respond in different ways to the same color–for example, a cool blue may calm your partner, but make you feel cold! If you choose blue, opt for a grey blue or similarly light, airy shade to set the scene. Interior designers suggest making sure you have accent colors throughout the room that can warm up the energy. If you’re most drawn to a dark blue or even bold teal but don’t want to commit that color to your whole room, you can also get creative and try just painting the ceiling, or an accent wall. 


Earthy greens are a popular choice for bedrooms, as these colors can foster harmony and love. Whether you choose to paint your room sage, upcycle wood furniture by giving it a hunter green paint job, or choose mint window treatments, greens can be very soothing whether they’re light or dark. Greens are also a common choice for baby nurseries since it’s considered a gender-neutral color. Just stay away from bright, bold greens that may be too stimulating for sleep. 


Violet is known for its calming and purifying qualities. Variations of violet can include lavender and pale pinks. You can make a statement with a bold and dark purple; conversely, if you don’t want to commit to painting your room this color, you can consider a bedspread, rug, or window treatments to bring violet color therapy to your bedroom. If you want to try more subtle accents, try adding pops of violet to lampshades, drawer knobs, or a throw pillow. 


Many of us already have neutral tones throughout our homes, from wood floors to white moldings. In bedrooms, neutrals can represent serenity–and there are so many options to choose from! Neutrals that are best suited for bedrooms include light browns and beiges, whites, creams, and greys. We suggest picking warmer shades for maximum coziness. If you go with grey, be aware that greys can have undertones of green, blue, or purple that are not always apparent until you’ve painted a swatch on your wall and observed how it looks in both sunlight and in darkness. In general, we suggest painting swatches before investing in the painting process to make sure the end result doesn’t keep you up at night 😉 

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