Transform your mudroom from blah to chic with the help of a Tasker

August 8, 2022

mudroom during

A mudroom is a simple solution to a complex problem: mess. For the uninformed, a mudroom is a small space where you can store your outdoor gear (think shoes, coats, and bags) when you arrive home. If you’re a parent, this can be an incredibly helpful tool to keep your house organized, particularly once school is in session. 

When Megan Unger wanted to give her mudroom a facelift, she booked a Tasker to add a fresh coat of paint, transforming it from run-of-the-mill white to lush sage green.

Check out her process below.

Megan started off with a white mudroom. White is undoubtedly sleek (especially paired with gorgeous brass hardware and light fixtures) but can sometimes feel like a missed opportunity to make a statement.

mudroom before

When her Tasker arrived, he made sure to outline the built-in furniture with tape, ensuring that the sage paint didn’t spill over onto Megan’s white wall. He also removed all of the brass hardware to make sure that the integrity of the hardware was preserved. He then proceeded to carefully paint the storage area with a roller brush, starting from the top and moving his way down. 

mudroom during

Once the painting was done, Megan waited for the paint to dry thoroughly before she added the finishing touches to make the mudroom both cute and functional. She used wicker baskets on the top and bottom, hung a backpack, purse, and coat to epitomize the intersection of form and beauty.



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