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The Weekend Routine: Foodie & Fashionista Kat Ensign

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At TaskRabbit, we love the weekends. They may not be any less productive than hectic weekdays, but they have a different kind of pace and energy. In the Weekend Routine series, we take a look at how the people who inspire us use their weekends to find a balance between planning for the week ahead and taking a break from the daily grind.

A self-proclaimed “fat kid fashionista” Kat Ensign is the witty personality behind the fashion blog KatWalkSF and foodie Instagram @katfoods. While she spends the weekdays wandering San Francisco in search of the city’s best style and eats, you’ll find her staying close to home on the weekends. Keep reading to see how Kat enjoys time in her North Beach neighborhood, what her weekend uniform is, and her go-to dinner spots.



North Beach. My friends joke that if you want to see me on weekends you have to go to North Beach, (the San Francisco neighborhood where I’ve lived for ten years). I go to a ton of events during the week, so during the weekend, I like to stay close to home. Almost every Friday night, I’ll get dinner with friends at Don Pistos, a local taco place. We love grabbing a glass of wine and catching up on the week.



Morning Workout. Most people would say that they look forward to sleeping on the weekends, but I’m such a morning person. I love to go to SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp in the morning. SoulCycle is a workout, but it’s also very relaxing. I feel like it helps me meditate and get back to ground zero.


Get Outdoors. If it’s a nice day, I’ll take my dog to Washington Square Park, a beautiful park right in the heart of North Beach. I really like to get outside and enjoy the weather when I can.  Sometimes I’ll go to the farmer’s market, too!

Neighborhood Dinner. We pay so much to live in San Francisco so I really try to take advantage of living here. At night I’ll do dinner in the neighborhood and get drinks with my friends.

One of my favorite spots to eat is Original Joe’s, an Italian spot next to Washington Square Park. I’ll always sit at the bar instead of the dining room because the staff knows me. Even though San Francisco is such a big city, I love those small-town vibes in North Beach where you get to know everyone who lives and works in your neighborhood.


Being With Friends. I have 2 sets of friends – my blogger friends that I see mainly during the week. On weekends I see my neighborhood friends that I didn’t get to see during the week. It’s nice to spend quality time with a different set of friends and catch up with them.

When I’m hanging out with my friends I usually wear leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and running shoes; it’s pretty much my uniform for the weekend.


No Errands.  Because I work from home and work for myself, I usually work in any errands during the week. Since my schedule can be really chaotic and extremely busy during the week, I take my weekends very seriously. There’s very little work happening on the weekend for me. I just like to relax!


Getting Organized. My least favorite part of the weekends is when the fun over and it’s Sunday night. I start to think about Monday morning and workload. I’ll make sure to either cook at home or order delivery so I’m home.

I also start getting organized, whether that’s tidying up the house or planning my editorial calendar. I try to have an editorial calendar for the week, but since so much in fashion happens in the moment, things can change. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning and have to pivot my calendar for what makes sense for my brand.

Feeling inspired for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want more time to relax or you trying to get organized, book a Tasker to get a head start on the weekend.

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