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Task of the Week: Make Happy Hour a Door-to-Door Affair

Making happy hour transcend space and time since 2012...

Why should a silly thing like geography keep coworkers from celebrating a great week? TaskPoster Jenn D. doesn’t think it should. Her company is based in San Francisco, but they have three employees working virtually from Austin. These Texas-based brethren don’t get to attend coworker happy hours, participate in office beer pong tournaments, or toast company accomplishments in the office with their coworkers. So Jenn created a Task detailing their favorite beers and Austin TaskRabbit Judy H. delivered happy hour right to their doors.

We love this Task for so many reasons. First, as a mission-oriented startup we know how important it is that people working hard for the same purpose get the opportunity to celebrate, commiserate, and chill out together. We also love this Task because it reminds us that we can buy any awesome person in any TaskRabbit market a drink whenever it occurs to us. And of course, it’s pretty cool that TaskRabbit makes the concept of happy hour transcend space and time. Stephen Hawking would be proud of us.