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Task of the Week: Support the Troops

Each Monday, we will be spotlighting our fave Task of the Week. This spotlighted Task will range from the ordinary, to the fun and innovative, to the downright out-there. We hope you enjoy reading about these Tasks and learning about all the amazing things you can outsource on TaskRabbit.

Task of the Week: Buy and Ship Care Package to Platoon in Afghanistan

Sender Chris Z needed help…help shopping for, packing and sending a care package to a platoon stationed in Afghanistan. Runner, Janet W was happy to pitch in. This Task struck us as pretty awesome and we wanted to learn more. So, we sent Chris a couple of questions to get the scoop.

Who were you sending the package to?
I am helping a platoon of soldiers stationed in a desolate area in northern Afghanistan that the US just recently occupied, via SoldiersAngels, a non-profit organization that helps people ‘adopt’ soldiers stationed overseas.  The platoon’s mission is to establish digital communication across a very harsh terrain. The infrastructure and support systems are VERY limited; most areas do not have decent food sources or decent quality of life.  As in all areas of the country, IEDs are a major threat, as well as motors and rockets, so things like ballistic eye-protection are essential equipment.  Items like LED headlamps make maneuvering the pitch black area much easier (as there are no street lights).  Simple things like decent socks, shirts, boots, and bags can make life much simpler.

Why did you use TaskRabbit to help with the Task?
When I’ve helped U.S. troops in the past, I had more time on my hands to handle procurement and shipping myself. Right now I’m super busy, though. So when I read about TaskRabbit (on TechCrunch), it immediately appealed to me as a necessary tool to get this important job done.

How did the Task go?
TaskRabbit found me a Runner within 5 minutes, and I was able to quickly talk with Runner Janet W and clarify over the phone key requirements of the Task. Since then, the Task (which will take several days to complete) has progressed smoothly.

Awesome job Chris and Janet! Helping people help people… the stuff that TaskRabbit is made of. We love it!


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  1. There’s a unique way to send packages to our troops with a company called SoldierSend. Soldiers fill out a gift registry and supporters shop for them.

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