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What does work mean to you?

This Labor Day we wanted to do something different. Rather than sharing task ideas for you to hire Taskers to help you complete this long weekend, we wanted to share with you the reasons why Taskers do what they do.

We asked our Taskers the simple question: “what does work mean to you” and were moved by their heartwarming answers. Here are some of our favorites:


“Work to me is an opportunity to express my skills, talents, creativity and inspiration. I subscribe to the motto, “it takes a village…” and it is utterly important to me to be a meaningful contributor. I often substitute the word “work” with “play!”

“It means determination, self- sacrificing spirit, passion and good morals. To me, working for TaskRabbit is an expressions of all of those good qualities.”
“Work is what allows my family to enjoy life. And I want to enjoy working. All the effort I put into working, and the character I build from it, enriches my home life. I work to live!”

“Work is a way to combine my needs for being of service to others at the same time as I make my way in the world to provide for myself and family. There is a win/win symbiosis to how Taskrabbit facilitates this in my life.”

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  1. Work means an action with a feeling of responsibility towards it as Works spotlights the character of every person. There is a dignity in every work, if it is being performed with high-mindedness. I think, Every work that helps us manifest our divine nature more and more is good for everyone and every action that retards it is evil for all. You would get some more insightful thoughts on Work by reading these inspiring work quotes.

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