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A Lookback At 2020: What We Accomplished, Together


Despite this year’s challenges, we all still had tasks to tackle. From home repairs to prescription pickup to IKEA assembly, in 2020 Taskers provided over 2 million hours of services in thousands of cities and 7 countries! 

Keep reading to find out what else got done in 2020.

Popular & New Categories

TaskRabbit’s on-demand services help cross off all types of to-do lists, and this year Delivery, Errands, Shopping surged in popularity. 

Another popular category in 2020: Moving Help. Taskers helped people move safely, from Packing & Unpacking to Heavy Lifting to Furniture Assembly. 

To make everyday life easier at home or for your business, TaskRabbit launched 12 new categories this year! 🎉 You can now hire a Tasker to help with:

TaskRabbit for Good Initiatives

The mission of TaskRabbit for Good was perhaps more critical than ever in 2020: to help neighbors in need find work and a place to call home. This year we gave 10 grants to small nonprofit organizations in 4 countries doing this important work. The grant recipients work with underserved communities including homeless, refugees, low-income, and youth providing services like supportive housing, financial literacy, mentorship, and mental health resources. Learn about our spring grant cycle winners and our recent Giving Tuesday announcement about the fall grant cycle winners! 

We’re also proud to have launched Tasks for Good in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which connects vulnerable and at-risk individuals and organizations with local Taskers through our Volunteer category. One client shared with their Tasker: “Everything is perfect and I gave you a 5-star rating. Thank you so much for helping 2 immunocompromised people. I am truly grateful.” ⁠

Making Donations Easier

This year we deepened our social impact efforts by introducing the option to donate $1 on every task invoice on tasks booked on Each $1 donation directly supports TaskRabbit for Good’s initiatives. Find out how it works.

The TaskRabbit community also gave back through 10,000+ donation tasks! From clothing to home goods, donations are just one way that we came together to do good. 

Top 5 “The Hutch” Blog Posts of 2020

Another trend in 2020…visiting The Hutch! In case you missed them, we present 2020’s top 5:

Thank You!

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the Tasker community. Adapting to new safety measures and fast-changing local public health orders, while continuing to provide important services, resulted in 550,000+ 5-star ratings. This deserves a big round of applause! 👏

Here’s what Taskers are saying:

“I worked full time before COVID-19 hit. If I didn’t have tasking to fall back on, who knows where I would be? TaskRabbit is giving me the opportunity to become my own boss and I thank you!” – Brandy M.

“TaskRabbit has been a savior! As a chef, I was working in a sector that has been hugely impacted by COVID-19. During the pandemic, tasking has given me the opportunity to get work that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.” – Nico P.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances of this year, we came together like never before to celebrate the done. Thank you so much for being a part of it.

What will we get done in 2021?

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