Better Than A Coffee Mug: Task Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

June 12, 2016

Forget the super generic gifts this year. We’re all about showing dad how much he means to you – but rather than reward his hard work with some socks or a tie (or the omnipresent coffee mug) – we’re pretty sure that quality time and really thoughtful gestures will win out every time.

After all, our concept of #LifeAfterChores is about making time for memories and moments that will stick with you.  While cleaning and organizing can definitely elicit a palpable sense of accomplishment sometimes, chances are that scrubbing your toilet on your hands and knees won’t be the thing you’ll look back on fondly years down the road. But – carving out valuable hours to launch that side business you’ve been dreaming about, or spending some time with your dad while he reminisces, telling those stories you’ll remember when you get older – those are the things we’ll look back on, glad that we made the time.

For Father’s Day this year, it’s all about giving dad that time to enjoy his special day. Let him go crazy doing whatever makes him happy — and if you really want to grab some of his favorite things (we’re not completely knocking tradition), we can help with that too.

A few ideas you can book now:

Task #1: Yard Work

Leave the yard work to us so Dad can kick back and relax. Next steps: barbecue fun. Quality time on the golf course. Whatever works.

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Task #2: Organization

Hire Taskers to get one of your dad’s favorite spaces in order  – wherever it is. (i.e. that cluttered garage that needs lots of love). Or that home office that has seen better days.

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Task #3: Errand Running

Anything dad was supposed to do this weekend – take it off of his plate, so he can spend more quality time with the fam. Maybe a hearty brunch is in his future. And sleeping in, of course.

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Task #4: We’ll Grab Gifts (just make them good ones)

We’re all busy. If work has you running around like a madman, we’ll make sure dad gets those special things you know he’s been eyeing. Or if you’re not in the same city, we can make sure dad gets a personalized delivery that makes it seem like you’re not nearly as far away.

TaskRabbit - Get Father's Day Help.clipular

Hopefully this will at least get you thinking, if you’re not sure what you’re doing for dad this coming Sunday. You’ve got one week to make it happen.