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American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Help

We’re Humbled by the New York Tasking Community

Like many of you, the folks here at TaskRabbit HQ have been paying careful attention to Sandy’s impact on the New York region. Our community continues to send in the kinds of stories that demonstrate just how powerful the bonds between neighbors can be. This morning, Leah received an email from a new TaskPoster with an incredible story to tell: “I was worried about my friend Emily*, an 83-year old stranded in a 12th floor apartment without elevator, food, water, power, or phone. I called two of her friends who are all, sorry to say, useless. Then someone clued me in to, I registered, and within minutes I had a response from someone who was willing to visit Emily’s building, assess the situation, and bring her what she needs. “The kicker is that this TaskRabbit did not want to be paid. Why not? She lives on the 12th floor of her building, is in a motorized wheelchair herself (of course she’s also stranded without power). Her husband is ventilator-dependent and getting recharged by friends …

Wanna Win a Free iPhone 5?

This morning, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5. We can’t wait to get our hands on it. We plan to line up early. Really, really, really early. Want us to hold your place? TaskRabbits are standing by in New York and San Francisco to hold places in line on release day, Friday, September 21st. Reserve your spot today for just $55. Your assigned TaskRabbit will wait in line at your local Apple Store for up to 4 hours and swap places with you before you purchase the iPhone. Pretty sweet, huh? I want to skip the line! Not in these cities? No problem. Post a Task with your details here. It gets sweeter. Everyone who hires a TaskRabbit to wait in line at the Apple Store for this release will be entered to win a brand new iPhone 5. We’ll announce two winners on Thursday, September 20th. Don’t be like Brian, hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for you today.

How TaskRabbit Helped Betsy and Toby Throw Their Dream Wedding

Allow us to share the second installment of TaskRabbit Tales, a new series designed to showcase some of the best stories in the TaskRabbit universe. In this episode we meet Betsy and Toby, a photographer and opera singer who fell in love with a continent between them. It didn’t take long for Betsy to move from her home in New York City to San Francisco to be with Toby, but when she arrived she realized she’d need a little help in the employment department. So Betsy became a TaskRabbit to fill in the financial gaps between freelance assignments. The story doesn’t end there though, it goes on to happily ever after. You see, when Betsy and Toby decided to tie the knot, Betsy realized she could hire fellow TaskRabbits to help create the wedding of their dreams. Suddenly their limited budget didn’t seem so limiting. Congratulations from all of us here at TaskRabbit, Betsy and Toby! If you’re a TaskPoster or TaskRabbit with an amazing story, you could be featured on the next TaskRabbit Tales. …

TaskRabbit Helps PopSugar Make Mondays (and Tuesdays) Sweeter

Okay, confession time. The ladies of the TaskRabbit office are a wee bit obsessed with POPSUGAR Must Have. To be honest, so are a few of our dudes. A monthly box full of a surprising variety of awesome (and full size) products for only 35 bucks? Sign us up. TaskRabbits in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York were tickled pink (seriously, right down to their sneakers) this week to help spread the word about Must Have. Outfitted in crisp white shirts and hot pink bow-ties and Converse sneakers, these TaskRabbits Must Have boxes and luxury gifts to select members in each city. They even passed out cupcakes to the office mates of each recipient. Now that’s how you make Mondays (and Tuesdays) sweeter.

Task of the Week: Do Something About This Heat

Did you know the summer solstice doesn’t refer to the day, but to the exact instant in time the axial tilt of the semi-axis of one of Earth’s hemispheres is most inclined toward the Sun? True story, Wikipedia told us. June 20th is not only the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year, it’s also going to be really, really hot. Not that it’s the first blistering day this month — TaskPosters in cities around the country have already been feeling the heat. So much so that they’ve hired TaskRabbits to help keep cool. New York TaskRabbit Erik B. is providing some heat relief for Hannah B. by installing a window AC unit in her 6th floor New York City apartment. He’s also giving Douglas W. a hand with the front window unit of his Park Slope home. Chicago TaskPoster Ramki S. tapped TaskRabbit Davidson F. to lug four AC units up from the basement and install them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Need to cool down? Post …

Task of the Week: Tame My Wild Music

You know what’s getting out of control? Your CD collection. Seriously, shouldn’t you have converted to all digital by now? We know, we know, it takes time to burn all those albums onto your computer, but some TaskPosters have stumbled upon the easy solution. You guessed it — hire a TaskRabbit! New York TaskPoster Cheryl H. hired Racheal A. to tackle her stack of 525 CDs into digital submission, SF TaskPoster Julie C. had the same brilliant idea, but asked Jocelyn A. to also sync the music up with her iPhone. Meanwhile New York TaskRabbit Jesse M. helped TaskPoster Dylan S. out by tidying up his digital music library. For those of you with sky-high stacks of CDs teetering ominously nearby, take a hint from this Task of the Week and get digitized already.

Task of the Week: We’re in Labor! Bring My Charger to the Maternity Ward

TaskRabbits save the day on the regular — tackling your grocery shopping, rescuing you from the plight of assembling Ikea furniture, and delivering beer to your office for impromptu happy hours. Yep, your friendly neighborhood TaskRabbits are no strangers to being heroes, but last week New York TaskRabbit Shayna L. saved the day in an entirely new way. You see, TaskPoster Zev A. was in the maternity ward, ready to welcome the birth of a new baby when he realized he’d left his camera charger at home. No charger meant no photos of his brand new bundle of joy! Luckily, Zev knew exactly what to do — he posted an emergency Task for someone to swing by his apartment, grab the charger from his doorman, and rush it to the hospital. Shayna was on the case within 10 minutes and Zev had his charger as quickly as Midtown traffic would allow!

Task of the Week: Deliver This Kitten

It’s no secret that we’re dog lovers here at TaskRabbit. Not only was a dog crucial to the founding of our company (that would be Kobe, a 100-pound yellow lab and our Chief Inspiration Officer), a TaskRabbit even helped one New York family find their perfect pup. But as much as we love canines, we also love kitties. That’s why a collective and audible “Awwwww” swept through the TaskRabbit offices when TaskPoster Caroline G. posted a cat delivery Task this week. To help a friend in San Francisco through a difficult time, Caroline decided to send a kitten — via a Virgin America flight from New York. TaskRabbit Edward D. met the kitten at San Francisco International Airport, picked up litter and cat food, and delivered her (with a bow, naturally) right to Caroline’s friend. What an incredible way to show you care from afar.

Happy National Small Business Week

Maybe it’s because we’re a little obsessed with rebuilding that old-time neighborhood spirit, or maybe it’s because we’re a startup ourselves, but we love small businesses. We’re thrilled to celebrate National Small Business Week by surprising some of our favorite business owners across the country. In New York, TaskRabbit Autumn L. dropped off some delightful treats to some of our favorite small businesses. She delivered a bottle of champagne from Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit to the legendary macaron purveyors at Maison Ladurée. Next, Autumn grabbed a selection of local brews from Good Beer and dropped them off in time for the awesome team at Crumbs Bake Shop to have a happy hour celebration. City Swiggers also discovered the glory of beer and cupcake pairings when Autumn dropped off a dozen mini-cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery. After spending a few minutes figuring out his delivery route, Nick B. dropped off some tasty ‘lette macarons to Amelia and Erika, the owners of Lindy & Grundy. Chicago TaskRabbit Lillian R. braved the line at Hot Doug’s on Friday to pick …

Trending Task: Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring, what people who hang around observatories call “the vernal equinox,” occurred two weeks ago on March 20th. Did you notice? Yeah, we really didn’t either. People who know about things like this are chalking this missed milestone up to an overly warm winter (this last one was the 4th warmest in at least 117 years), but we suspect a reluctance to embrace spring cleaning may also be a factor. Spring cleaning is simply really intimidating. Scrubbing your home from top to bottom, bestowing order upon a cluttered garage, and weeding a garden overgrown after months of frost — that’s a whole lot to take on, even if it is just once a year. The spring cleaning tradition is rooted in multiple cultures around the world — one of our favorites is its role in ushering in the Persian New Year, when it’s called “shaking the house.” Well sometimes you just can’t shake it alone. Maybe that’s why TaskPosters around the country are outsourcing their spring cleaning to-do lists to TaskRabbits. …