How You’ve Been Moving In 2021

July 8, 2021

This summer is filled with new possibilities. For some, it means renovating and refreshing the space that you’re currently in. For others, it might mean finally moving into that neighborhood you’ve been dreaming about.

To celebrate fresh starts, we took a look at a few stats across the U.S. and in some of our largest cities and neighborhoods to see how you’ve really been tasking.

Here’s How People are Moving Across the U.S.

With so much going on and a lot of uncertainty it was no surprise to see that moving tasks in 2020 took a slight dip. But like most of us, they quickly rebounded in 2021.

Some states were impacted more than others. Despite their popularity, New York and California both saw decreases in 2020 before rebounding in 2021 while Texas and Florida saw the opposite to be true. Both saw a slight increase in 2020 and spiked in 2021.

Fun fact: Across the U.S. there are more apartment movers than home movers. This is especially true in New York where 87% of people are apartment movers, compared with just 13% who needed help moving into or out of a home.

Wondering where the hot new place to move to is? Here are the top cities and states people are moving to in 2021.

Here’s How People are Moving in Some of our Most Popular Cities

The struggle of finding the perfect apartment in New York is real. Thankfully, you can rely on Taskers to get you where you want to go, regardless of whether it’s a brownstown or a six-floor walkup. So far in 2021, Taskers in NYC have:

  • Loaded over 10,000 trucks
  • Moved over 6,500 couches, 3,000 TVs, and 5,000 mattresses
  • Helped over 12,000 apartment dwellers and 2,500 home owners with their moves

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in NYC? Here are the top 10 NYC moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Union Square
  2. East Village
  3. Chelsea
  4. NYU
  5. Lower East Side
  6. Murray Hill
  7. Williamsburg
  8. Greenwich Village
  9. DUMBO / Brooklyn Heights
  10. Stuyvesant Heights-Bushwick

Now, just because Union Square residents book the most moving tasks, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re moving across town. While people typically think of moving as changing residences, these New Yorkers are using TaskRabbit for much more than just moving from apartment to apartment. We call these “Lift & Shift” tasks — when you need some extra muscle to rearrange furniture, or help getting rid of that stale couch. 

People from around the world flock to the Bay Area to enjoy beautiful sights and the buzzing tech scene. In the Bay – where a few years is considered a lifetime – people move in and out often. Here are a few things we noticed about Moving trends in SF Bay Area:

  • There have been 15% more move-ins than move-outs in 2021, as people begin to settle into their new homes.
  • The average moving task takes a couple hours to complete – 1:58min to be exact.
  • People need more help with moving boxes than with packing or unpacking them. In 2021 there were twice as many tasks involving the former. 

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in SF? Here are the top 10 SF moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Nob Hill / Russian Hill
  2. Dogpatch / Potrero Hill
  3. The Mission
  4. Panhandle / Cole Valley
  5. SoMa
  6. Pac Heights / Western Addition
  7. Duboce Triangle / Noe Valley
  8. The Marina
  9. Richmond / The Presidio
  10. Hayes Valley

Unlike NYC and SF where moving tasks are clustered in similar areas, moving tasks in Atlanta are spread out far and wide across the city, from Smyrna in the west end to Medlock Park in the east.

  • There have been more moving tasks in 2021 than in 2019 and 2020 combined.
  • Atlanta is one of only a few metros where we see more moving tasks for homes than apartments (5.3% more, in case you were wondering)
  • The most commonly moved furniture items in Atlanta are (in order): beds & mattresses, couches, dressers, chairs, TVs

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in ATL? Here are the top 10 ATL moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Midtown / Sherwood Forest
  2. Lindridge-Martin Manor / Pine Hills
  3. Brookview Heights / Blandtown
  4. Brookhaven
  5. Smyrna
  6. Peachtree Heights West
  7. Lake Claire / Emory Village
  8. Briarcliff Heights
  9. Cumberland
  10. Medlock Park

Austin likes to move fast.

Greater South River City wins at everything.

Apparently, GSRC in Austin is a popular neighborhood for moving and cleaning task action. Over the years Taskers have helped residents in GSRC move the most often, followed by East Austin and Downtown.

  • The proportion of tasks in Austin that involve moving things to/from a storage unit is 23% higher than the national average
  • There are 16% more apartment moves in Austin than home moves

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in ATX? Here are the top 10 ATX moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Greater South River City
  2. East Austin
  3. Downtown Austin
  4. South Austin
  5. Old West Austin / Tarrytown
  6. Pleasant Valley
  7. West Lake Hills / Rollingwood
  8. North Austin
  9. Cedar Park
  10. Southpark Meadows

No matter where you live–Taskers are here to help your move a little bit easier. Whether you’re moving to a new house or just rearranging your living room, Taskers have got you covered. Ready to get started? Book your task today.


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