An Eclectic Bohemian NYC Apartment

December 20, 2017


The first thing you notice when you walk into Kari‘s NYC apartment is the color green. Green sits on every surface of her place, it also hangs from the ceilings. What’s this green we’re talking about? It’s her plants – her babies. It’s as if you stepped into a greenhouse. You no longer are in the city, but instead a mini jungle oasis. Amidst all the plants, there are unique pieces collected from her travels and items from her Philippine culture.

We chatted with her to talk about her home style, how we maintains all her plant babies, and future TaskRabbit projects.


How long have you been living in this space?
We’ve been here for about 9 months. The location is pretty unbeatable so we don’t have plans to move anytime soon.

What’s your favorite thing about your place?
The balcony is the best. We’re east facing, so we get to wake up to the beautiful sun every morning and our plants love it. Also I love that the bedroom is completely separate from the rest of the apartment. Living in New York, everything tends to be next to each other, so it’s nice to know that when we have guests over we can still have our own space.

DSC_0374How do you make your house more feel like home?
I fill it with things I love and reminders of places I’ve been to. I also try to incorporate a few items from The Philippines, where I’m originally from.

Kari_Blog4Who inspires your home style?
A lot of people! Specially on Instagram. The first account I discovered and follow until now is Jen Harrison of @fleamarketfab. It was also through her that I found Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow.

What’s the last thing you’ve bought for your home?
I’ve recently come from a trip to The Philippines and brought back a few small pieces like baskets and throws made by local artisans.

Kari_Blog2Favorite home project you’ve completed?
I think decorating the apartment was a project in and of itself. I have a few DIY projects in mind that involve painting again but never got around to doing it because of time. Now that I’m taking a short employment hiatus, I’m hoping to tackle some of them.

Describe your place in 3 words
Wild, Eye Candy, Jungle