Simple, Light-Filled Brooklyn Apartment

December 13, 2017


Eva’s home is full of contrasts— minimal yet warm, monochromatic yet colorful, free of clutter yet full of life. The control she has over the space is far from cold or stiff. She manages to create a sparse space that is still infused with warmth, meaning and life. Her home is an inviting place of gathering for friends, family and her four friendly pets.

What do you love most about your home?
The amount of light that comes through all of the windows makes up for the fact that we have no outdoor space. It’s warm and welcoming!

Eva_Blog5Can you summarize your home in 3-5 words?
Monochromatic, simple, friendly

How would you describe your home style?
We’ve called in Southwest Minimalism as we hail from New Mexico and Arizona, respectively, and try to keep our surroundings simple.

Eva_Blog2How do you make your house more feel like home?
Anywhere feels like home when you have four friendly pets who greet you at the door.

What’s a home project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to?We’re looking forward to getting a projector, but we’re really not looking forward to installing/mounting it.

Eva_Blog6What/who inspires your home style?
We’re inspired by minimalist artists and designers like Agnes Martin and Luis Barragan and the philosophy and approach of Buckminster Fuller and Wabi-Sabi.

What’s the last thing you’ve bought or found for your home?
A book from the 1960s called South and Central America: A Natural History. A herd of llamas star on the cover.

Eva_Blog4Most stressful thing about having your own place?
Cleaning! When you live and work at home, it’s very hard not to distract yourself with another load of laundry or wanting to do the dishes.