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When BYOB stands for “Be Your Own Boss”

Learn why Sue, Keith, Vanessa, Oscar, DeVere, Mayra, and Daniel became Taskers and how tasking has allowed them to earn money while preserving their freedom, from their time to their hourly earnings.

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Tasker Spotlight: Eric B., Los Angeles

At TaskRabbit, we’re proud to help people make a meaningful living on their own terms. From finding flexibility to pursue other passions, to building a business, to saving money for a life goal, Taskers join our community for a diverse range of reasons. In our Tasker Spotlight series, we highlight the stories behind the people at the heart of TaskRabbit. 

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Weekly Task Inspiration: A Blockbuster-Worthy Playground

At TaskRabbit, we’re constantly trying to make our homes a place we love spending time every day. That means we’re always on the lookout home inspiration, whether it’s a small tweak that makes all the difference or a big renovation to start afresh. Most often, we find them from you. Here are some of our favorite home projects from the TaskRabbit community this week.

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The Weekend List: Best Summer Music Festivals in the UK

Festival season is upon us in the UK, and while Glastonbury has a year off, we rounded up our top festivals for 2018 to make sure you still get your annual fix. And don’t worry if the planning feels overwhelming — whether it’s queueing in line or picking up concert essentials, Taskers are on hand to take care of the logistics so you can enjoy the fun bit!

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Step Up Your Grilling Game with a DIY BBQ Toolkit

Manning the grill at a barbecue is a serious job, especially if you’re also pulling double duty as host. Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, you’ll need to stay organized as the grill and the party heat up. Here’s how you can make grill duty easier by storing essential utensils and supplies in a handy toolbox.

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Take the Stress out of Moving with Taskrabbit
Did you know that you can use TaskRabbit to make your move easier? Whether it’s packing and unpacking,...
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Go for Gold During the Games with Taskrabbit
The Summer Games in Paris are just around the corner, and Taskrabbit is here to help you prepare. Let's...
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Couple relaxing at home
Planning the Ultimate Summer Staycation: Your Guide to a Memorable At-Home Getaway
As the sun-soaked days of summer approach, the allure of exotic vacations may be calling. However, there's...
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Flower, fruits and foliage of Magnolia grandiflora (Southern mag
Magnolia Tree Care: Planting, Growing, and Nurturing Guide
Master magnolia tree care: Learn to plant, grow, and nurture your magnolia with our expert tips and guidance.
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Hero (4)
Inside The Magical Wedding Day with a Taskrabbit Touch
Courtney and Patrick’s story is proof that love can find you when you least expect it. In January 2021,...
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The Crown Jewel of Tennis Returns to London
This July, tennis fans everywhere are gearing up for the return of the world’s most prestigious tennis...
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Tasker Roundup June 2024
Tasker Roundup: 5 Updates To Heat Up Summer
Our latest platform updates have brought the client experience to a new level, which means a stronger...
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Summer vacation woman in hat floats on an inflatable donut mattress. Happy woman relaxing and enjoying family summer travel holidays travel on the sea
Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation
Summer has just begun, which means you still have plenty of time for that perfect getaway. But if you...
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painting a gypsum plaster ceiling with roller
Paint Ceiling or Walls First? The Definitive Painting Guide
Master your next paint project. Find out whether to paint the ceiling or walls first with our expert...
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