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Owning It: How Single Women are Tackling Homeownership


No partner? No problem. When it comes to homeownership, single women are owning it. Literally.

They may earn on average 80% of men’s salaries, but single women (especially millennials) are the fastest-growing group of homeowners in the US. According to a 2019 study by Lending Tree, single women (especially millennials) are the fastest-growing group of homeowners in the US. On average, single women own 22% of homes. Single men? Less than 13%.

But the hard part starts after the “For Sale” sign comes down. “When I rented, I had an HOA to cover the yard work and shoveling the driveway. Now I have to do it myself,” says new homeowner Maggie H. of Chicago. “The most unexpected part about home ownership are the repairs that like to creep up on you. You can get acquainted with your homeowner’s insurance rather quickly.”

We surveyed single millennial women across the US to see how they’re tackling home ownership on their own — from learning to patch drywall to knowing when and who to call for backup.

Take a look at some findings below, and see the full report here.


From gutter cleaning to caulking windows, routine maintenance tasks take up the bulk of our homeowners’ to-do lists.

SEC 1 - Maintenance Checklist@4x 


Does owning a home make you handier? These ladies seem to think so. On a scale of 1 (never picked up a hammer before) to 10 (almost a pro), there was a noticeable shift upward in how handy homeowners thought they were after buying their home.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 2.58.13 PM.png


DIY-ing isn’t always as easy as Pinterest makes it seem. And as tempting as it is to rope a friend into helping you move or hang a gallery wall, sometimes it’s easier to call the pros for backup. Survey respondents are almost three times more likely to rely on a third party (handyman/women, contractor, etc.) than on friends for home help.

SEC 1 - Not all fun and diy@4x.png

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Want more findings? View the full report



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