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Most Memorable Holiday Tasks: Touching Stories for the Season

December 7, 2022

During the holidays, the Taskrabbit community truly embodies the spirit of the season—from Taskers and clients sharing hot cocoa to making connections that last year after year. 

Sparkling lights and generous gift-giving make any task feel magical, which is why we’re excited to see more holiday-related tasks booked this season than ever before. Seeing the good side of humanity brought to life is a true gift. Not to mention, the holidays are just more fun for everyone. 

Read on for this year’s dose of feel-good holiday stories brought to you by your neighbors—Taskers! 

Neighborly Holiday Tasker Stories 

Asked back every year


“I helped a client decorate her entire home for Christmas, from her tree to her staircase and everything in between. The following year I was invited back to do the same and was told how much everyone loved how I decorated. I was then asked to wrap presents and was later told how nobody wanted to open theirs because they looked too beautiful!”

Source: Friendship, Gratitude, Peace of Mind: All in a Day’s Gig

Taking care of the heavy lifting


“Last year, I had the privilege of helping an older lady with the heavy-lifting task of bringing up all of her Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. Then I took them back to her basement after the New Year. I could tell it really helped her out, and it was a fantastic opportunity.”

A sweet gift from nature


“Last Christmas, I got to take down some old Christmas lights and put up some new ones. As I was taking down the old lights, I found a nest with a tiny egg in it and had to relocate it.”

Holiday jobs are booming


“Even early in the fall, it’s never too soon to jump on Christmas decorating! A client of mine needed just a few finishing touches to turn her home into a winter wonderland. She had done an amazing prior job decorating, and I was so grateful to give her a hand when she needed it. When all was said and done, she tipped me graciously and I started off the holiday season for my business with a bang!”

It’s true. Holiday business is UP.

Customers are calling on Taskers during this season to make these moments even more special. 

Since last holiday season, we’re already seeing an uptick in the following:

Hot chocolate makes everything better


“I was delivering presents, but the client gave me the wrong address. So I had to pick up and travel 20 miles to deliver them. They ended up inviting me to hot chocolate and introduced me to the entire family.”

Generous gifts of big holiday tips


“Last holiday season, I had a client book me for a desk assembly. It was a decently big, complex desk. The assembly went well and took about 3 hours. After the assembly, the client blessed me with a $100 tip for the holiday! I was so grateful.”

Source: Home Sweet Scroll: How Social Media Impacts Our Life at Home

Festivities from around the world 


“I helped serve and clean at a Diwali celebration for an Indian client’s home party.”

Feeling like Santa’s helper


“Last Christmas, I had a late-night task to assemble an air hockey table. I managed to finish it right before the client’s kids got home.”

Fostering Feelings of Gratitude

The grateful feelings during the holidays are mutual for both Taskers and clients. As Tasker Guillermo puts it:

On the client side, our independent gratitude study shows that customers overwhelmingly showed gratitude in the following ways:

  • Acknowledging good work in person (96%)
  • Recommending them to friends and family (95%)
  • Giving a good review or rating (93%)
  • Giving extra tip (91%)

And those kind words that clients share with their Taskers about a job well done go a long way to foster feelings of connection. We hope these stories have inspired you to spread cheer to your community this holiday season, whether it’s by booking a Tasker nearby or becoming one yourself!