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Memorial Day – Keeping it Easy!

Farewell, Winter! We knew thee well! (Too well, if you ask me.)

Let’s kick off Summer the right way: Let’s BARBECUE!

Whether it be a tailgating party at your favorite sporting event or a cozy barbecue on the beach at sunset,  you’ll need the Official TaskRabbit Guide to THE PERFECT MEMORIAL DAY BBQ!

1. Create the Guest List: Don’t be shy. The more the merrier! And this is a great time to invite your neighbors over for a casual meet and greet. (We like to use Eventbrite.com to send out invites. It’s Earth-friendly and helps us stay organized with RSVPs.)

2. Plan the menu: Don’t worry about having to fork over a grand to pay for all of the food. BBQ’s are a great time to have a potluck. Ask all of your guests to bring their favorite foods to throw on the bbq. This way, everyone gets to try new foods and no one has to foot a BIG bill.

3. Compile a shopping list of things you’ll need early: You WILL forget things. This is inevitable. But being prepared ahead of time helps everyone stay organized.

4. Don’t forget the details: Things like sunscreen for guests, citronella candles, ice, straws, toothpicks, etc are all hard to keep track of. Don’t stress out if you forget a few things. TaskRabbit Runners are standing by for last minute store runs on the big day.

5. Take pictures! Parties create great memories that you won’t want to forget. Take some fun pics for posting online later.

6. Relax! Have Fun! It’s tough work being a host/hostess. You’ve got to man the grill, chat with guests and make sure the iTunes list keeps rockin. But don’t let the day get away from you! Take time to relax and put your feet up and enjoy your awesome weekend.

As always, TaskRabbit has over 300 Runners on call throughout the Greater Boston region. We have expanded to the North Shore and MetroWest as well, so whether you need more mustard for your hot dogs or sunglasses for your pooch, we’ve got a Runner to help.


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Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

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