Airy, Bright, and Full of Light

September 25, 2017


Walk into Jamie’s home and instantly feel the connection it has to the neighborhood it’s in. Located one block away from the Pacific Ocean in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, Jamie’s home beautifully incorporates that airy and bright feeling you get when you’re at the beach.

Watch Jamie’s full home tour on our YouTube here.

DSC_0117_800pxHow long have you been living in this space?
I’ve been in my home for 1.5 years, but living in the sunset for 4.

What do you love most about your home?
I love the people I share it with. My roommates are the heart and soul of this home; it would just be a house without them.

How would you describe your home style?
My house reflects the women who live in it — it feels easy going, organized and young. We’ve also tied in our experiences into the decor — so the piece of driftwood in the living room was retrieved from a beach trip, we have magazines and books bought all around the world, and the plants are an accumulation of presents and flea market finds.


How do you make your house more feel like home?
Lighting is everything: Rarely will you find someone home without a candle lit. We also rarely turn on our recessed lighting, instead opting for our warm-hued accent lights. Also – There’s always a book or magazine within reach when you’re in the living room — I bit the bullet earlier this year and just subscribed to all my favorite magazines, so we usually have the latest issue of everything lying around.

jamie_living_roomWhat’s a home project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to?
I’ve always wanted to swap out the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and bedrooms to something more modern and fun.

What inspires your home style?
I feel inspired by our neighborhood and Ocean Beach. We try to carry the laid back vibe of the ‘hood into our home. Additionally, I get a lot of inspiration off instagram. Domino Mag, Courtney, and thejoshuatreehosue are some of my current favs.

What’s the last thing you’ve bought or found for your home?
I bought our vintage bentwood dining chairs recently. They’re so beautiful, I’m glad I waited until I found the perfect set.

DSC_0146_800pxMost stressful thing about having your own place?
Keeping the place clean between the 3 of us and our constant rotation of guests.

How would you describe your home in 3-5 words?
Comfortable, warm, airy, bright

Favorite home project you’ve completed?
We swapped out a large red rug for our current white braided one in the living room. It took us months to find something at the right price point, so we were thrilled when it finally arrived. I hired a Tasker to haul the old one away, and he ended up being a neighbor from down the block!