Have Epic Goals? Here’s How to Stay Motivated

March 20, 2013

Epic Goals

Epic Goals

In “How to Maintain Motivation When Your Goals Are Epic,” Fast Company‘s Grace Nasri asked several entrepreneurs with pretty huge missions about how they stay motivated. Folks like Arianna Huffington, NASA’s Bobak Ferdowsi, and our very own Leah Busque doled out some lessons from the front lines. From keeping things in perspective to keeping passion at the center of all you do, these tips are at once inspirational and actionable. We hope you take a few moments to read this article today.

Call us partial, but we particularly loved Leah’s approach to staying motivated:

“I wake up every morning with a singular goal —to push my company as far as I can that day. My company is dedicated to solving a pretty huge problem, and it can be overwhelming to think of the magnitude of this vision. My approach is to choose specific and actionable items to complete each day to move us closer to these goals, and to encourage everyone on my team to do the same. This keeps us on track for accomplishing the big picture … Which brings me to my biggest productivity secret: I love what I do. Knowing TaskRabbit is poised to revolutionize work as we know it is like rocket fuel to me.” Read the full article.