Eclectic and Bright Home Inspiration

November 21, 2017


With a home that functions as an office, studio, and living space – creativity is key. Brock and Chris of Yummertime fill their home with form and function, giving them the freedom and inspiration to dream up and create everyday. See how this couple gets inspired daily from their eclectic and cheerful home and how you can bring that inspiration to your space.


Click here to see Brock and Chris’ full home tour on our YouTube channel.

What do you love most about your job?

The freedom to dream up and create whatever we want every day, that’s what we  love the most. The content we create is the output of our job; we’re our own bosses, creative directors, managers and coordinators. Whatever we do is up to us, and that’s pretty amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.55.20 AMHow has your work influenced your home?

Because our job revolves around so much of our life, our entire home is both an office + studio, in addition to a living space. Everything has a form and function for both our job as well as how we live. The office, for example, is built to be extremely transformable from an office space into a studio at a moment’s notice.


What do you love most about your home?

For Chris, it’s the dining room. From the wallpaper (and how it inspires us daily) to the concrete table, the dining room is an eclectic mix of items that speaks the most to our aesthetic and taste. For Brock, it’s the office. From the pink wall to the glass table, the whole space feels incredible airy and light.

DSC_0787How would you describe your home style?

In just a few words: Palm Springs, airy, minimally maximal, and eclectic. Our entire home is made up of a collection of items and trinkets we’ve collected through the years together (from art to chotchkies), and we’re not afraid to display them all in a randomly assorted manner that just “makes sense” to us 🙂 On top of that, we love mixing metals and materials. We aren’t afraid to have a gallery wall, for instance, made up of gold, bronze, black and light wood frames.

How do you make your house more feel like home?

For us, it’s all about perfecting the art of an ‘organized mess.’ Maybe it’s a blanket that’s messily thrown over a structured arm chair with nothing else on it, or maybe it’s three stacks of books at the end of a bed with no rhyme or reason as to how their stacked together.

DSC_0742What’s a home project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to?

Hands down, our closet! Being in the business that we are, we have A LOT of clothes, accessories, bags and luggage, hahaha. And we still haven’t gotten to organizing it all in any specific way. It’s all just… in our closet 😛

What/who inspires your home style?

We take a lot of inspiration from Slim Aarons (photographer), Jonathan Adler (designer), and Palm Springs (city).

\What’s the last thing you’ve bought or found for your home?

The last thing we bought for our home is this lamp that has a base composed of a marble bust of a Greek goddess. We named her Vanessa 😛 We purchased the lamp at Black & Gold in San Francisco, one of our favorite boutique stores in the city.

Favorite home project you’ve completed?

Probably either the office or the dining room, on account of how they inspire us 🙂