Don’t Make a Mountain Out of Mounting

mounted tv living room

When Austin-based interior designer Krystal Smit renovated her living room, she needed a quick and easy way to mount her TV before she could finally make it feel like home. The TV she purchased was large, and she had struggled to mount her previous one, so knew she needed someone to help her do it properly and securely. 

She booked Tasker Michael, who demonstrated his expertise by finding the perfect place to mount her TV. Before drilling, he mapped out the exact dimensions of where the TV would be mounted, which eliminated the risk of error. He also showed Krystal how to properly use a stud finder, and explained why he chose which hardware to use based on her wall type. As Michael quickly worked, Krystal was able to do what she loves – styling homes (including her own!). Get ready to drool when you see how it all turned out!

Looking for a quick and easy way to mount your TV? Just task.