“Big” City Living

July 17, 2017

Being able to walk everywhere and always having something to do are a couple of our favorite perks of living in the city. However, it often means that you have to give up on square feet.

In this two-part series, we’re talking to Kelli and asking her how she makes the most of her efficient 150 sq. ft. downtown San Francisco studio. Turn your space into an inspired space and book a Tasker today.

WP_Kelli Full RoomWhat makes your home, your home?

I’ve travelled quite a bit around Asia as I lived in Japan for a few years. All the little things that I brought back from my travels (even the photographs I took) make my home feel like a reflection of me/ where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

What inspires your home style?

The space. I would love to incorporate large gallery-style art walls and weathered, wood furniture but it doesn’t fit the space which was a hard adjustment when I moved in. If I were to design my dream home it would be classic clean lines; reminiscent of scandinavian style. But a small space calls for more of a warm and cozy style.

What’s your favorite part of your home?

The light. My apartment faces north-west so it receives lots of natural light throughout the day.

WP_Kelli Vanity2

Favorite project you’ve home project you’ve completed?

My plants! I do not have a green thumb so keeping them alive is a huge project. Not only are they beautiful but bring huge health benefits to my space so I try hard to maintain them.

What’s the most stressful thing about maintaining your home?

Not having a lot of storage space can be very frustrating. Sometimes, creative things happen when there are fewer choices and other times, it just stresses me out that I can’t hide some things away.

kelli-wardrobe-1.JPGHow have you used TaskRabbit in the past?

I had a Tasker paint my wall, hang my curtains, my shelves, racks and hooks.

What have been your experiences with TaskRabbit?

I have one handyman that I’ve hired several times. He’s always game to help me execute my vision! It’s like having a partner in home-decorating-crime!

What are specific projects you’ve had TaskRabbit help you with?

I had this awkward wall across from my bed that I didn’t know how to utilize. I knew I needed storage but the space was not very big. My Tasker helped me to execute the project and find creative solutions to some of the obstacles I encountered.

WP_Kelli Hooks

What has TaskRabbit allowed you to do with your extra free time?

Anytime a Tasker can assist you, you not only save time but stress. If I had done these projects on my own, I would have stressed myself out. I think extra time is always helpful and appreciated but saving me from stress is more valuable!

What do you love most about the TaskRabbit experience?

How quickly you can get help. I don’t often wait more than 20 minutes to chat with my Tasker and hash out the details of the project. TaskRabbit is on-demand when I need it.