Art Made Easy: Curated By Minted & Mounted By Taskrabbit

November 8, 2022

Interior designers agree: art adds tons of character and depth to your home. Bare walls can often come across as impersonal; walls featuring art and photos add instant warmth and personality to your home. It’s a simple idea that leads to dramatic results. 

But sometimes going from idea to reality is a pain in the derriere: how do you choose the right piece of art for your home? How do you place said art on your wall so that it’s a proper eye level, securely fastened, and not at all crooked?

That’s where Minted and Taskrabbit come in. Minted’s mission is to uncover the world’s best artists and bring their work to consumers who will accept nothing less. The process is beyond easy: just browse through their selection of art, pick your frame, have it delivered to your home, and book a Tasker to mount it for you.

That’s exactly what Sara did. She chose a stunning abstract work of art, picked a black frame that complemented her lighting fixture, and booked Tasker Josh to hang it. 

This is what Sara’s wall looked like before she had her artwork mounted. Her home is undoubtedly gorgeous, but we were excited to see what it looked like after Tasker Josh worked his magic.

Josh made sure to pick the ideal eyeline for Sara’s art, while also finding the ideal placement underneath her sconce.

He then used his level to ensure that Sara’s artwork was perfectly level.

Check out the final result: isn’t it lovely?