5 Room Designs Inspired by Our Favorite Movie Characters This Year

January 30, 2020


With Oscars night quickly approaching, we’ve got the movies on our minds. Last year’s films introduced us to iconic characters we’d like to channel in our everyday lives. So we decided to do just that. What better than surrounding ourselves with designs inspired by them? Read on to see mood boards for bedrooms that channel our favorite movie characters this year. 

Jo March, Little Women

For Jo the writer, we envisioned a writer’s alcove furnished with bold, dramatic fixtures — something cozier and more elevated than her Civil War-era Concord attic. Her room has plenty of warm blankets and pillows for long nights spent writing.



Billi Wang, The Farewell

Billi is a New Yorker at heart, but fiercely loyal to her Chinese roots. We’re envisioning a moody Queens, NY studio apartment filled nods to her two homes.


Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame

Captain Marvel doesn’t mess around. Her style is sleek, futuristic, and values function over form. 


Anna, Frozen 2

Anna is a modern princess. We gave her a room filled with traditional furniture and fixtures, but a tomboyish streak.


Amy and Molly, Booksmart

If Amy and Molly roomed together in college, this dynamic duo’s dorm would be filled with funky thrift store finds, feminist posters, and space-saving storage.


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