4 Ways TaskRabbit Gives People More Time

When it comes to free time, most of us can’t seem to get enough. Unfortunately, life probably won’t ever slow down, so it seems the best alternative to slowing down time is to eliminate some of the things you have to do, starting at home.


Your home should be your sanctuary. The escape you look forward to after each day. A place for binge-watching shows, luxurious bubble baths, recipe testing, and deep peaceful slumbers. However, this isn’t always the case. Since we’re constantly on the move, our sanctuaries often turn into another headache. Squeaky doors, flickering lights bulbs, and unfinished projects on the floors scattered throughout  – enter TaskRabbit.

Here are 4 ways real people, just like you, have gotten some much needed free time with the help of our skilled and experienced Taskers.

1. “We came back home after a month-long holiday to an unbearable mess in our backyard. The grass was overgrown, weeds were sprouting and leaves everywhere.. Michael really saved us so much time and energy, he was able to bring our yard back to it’s life again.”  – Gregory P. Boston, MAbook-yard-work

2. “Whoever said moving to a new city was fun didn’t have all new furniture to build. Lucky for me, I was able to hire Casey to help me with that. She assembled my bed, dresser, shoe rack, office desk, and bookcase while I got a much needed mani/pedi.” – Kristen L. Los Angeles, CA

3. “I travel a lot for work so the little things like catching up on shows is how I unwind. However my tv had been sitting on top of boxes since I got it, so I was so happy to have Kevin come and mount my tv on the wall. It’s really made a big difference in my life!” – Richard C. New York City, NY

4. “I have tons of things I have to do as a single mom. Go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner…the list goes on. On top of these mother duties, I also have house duties and those often get forgotten because I don’t have the time and I’m not the most comfortable around a toolbox which is why I hired a handyman to come fix all the little things that’ve piled up at home. Now we have a working ice maker, a bathroom door that locks, and one less thing for me to worry about!” – Karen W. San Francisco, CA

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