4 Home Projects to Take On with Your Tax Refund

March 1, 2020

April 15 is fast approaching. If you’re one of the lucky ones, there’s a tax refund at the end of the tunnel. One worthwhile way to spend it? On upgrades to your living space. (Don’t worry, none of them involve knocking down walls!) Try these four projects to feel refreshed for spring and ready for another tax year ahead.

A thorough kitchen scrub

Modern Bright Kitchen With Living Room

Whether you cook every week or rarely turn on the stove, having a clean kitchen is key for food safety and freshness. Give the overlooked spaces some attention with a thorough deep clean — especially your fridge and oven. That means clearing out leftover and expired items from the fridge (looking at you, salad dressing circa 2012), wiping grease from the hood and backsplashes, cleaning the oven of debris, and checking for garbage disposal leaks.

The gallery wall of your dreams

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is the simplest way to add personality to any room, no matter how large or small. Don’t be afraid to mix photos, prints, and types of frames to truly show your style. If you don’t feel like mounting every piece, try leaning them on mantles and shelves or stringing up a clothesline and attaching them via clothespins for a more casual look.   

A closet that sparks joy


You open it every day, so you might as well have a closet that makes you feel soothed, not stressed. You’ll probably have to get honest and make some hard choices about what to keep or donate, but that’s what a Tasker is for. Try rearranging items by frequency of use, installing closet organizers to maximize storage, and folding clothes in new ways. You just might stumble across your favorite pair of jeans that you’d given up on ever finding.

An Instagram-worthy accent wall

Credit: House Beautiful // Reid Rolls

Accent walls are an easy way to transform a room. Try basing the color and pattern off furniture in the room. If you want a more complex pattern, go for peel and stick wallpaper. For subtle emphasis, our Taskers suggest painting the floorboards or door frames in a color that’s present in the accent wall.



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