2020 Fall decor trends

November 9, 2020

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home this year. Many of us have also spent a lot of time updating our homes to work for our new routines. From setting up home offices to makeshift classrooms, we’ve learned to adapt to change and make the most of our space. 

If you’re ready for a refresh or you haven’t yet found the right set up,  these fall trends will help you elevate your space and up the cozy quotient as temperatures get cooler. 

Nothing adds life to your home during the colder months quite like bringing the outside in. From house plants to flowers, this addition of greenery and nature to any home is sure to create a sense of calm and groundedness. Hire a Tasker to help you hang your plants or mount shelves to help you fit more plants into your current decor.

Fall is the perfect time to create layered lighting throughout your home as a fail-proof way to set the “hygge” mood. Layered lighting means adding lamps, new light fixtures or even candles throughout your space for a variety of options. Lighting in our homes will also play a more important role this year as we experiment with the best lighting for video calls. When the time changes, you may find that you want to test what works–for example, try switching out your light bulbs to test warmer or cooler shades of lighting.

A fresh coat of paint and accent decor is always a go-to to freshen up a room. Accent walls are a great way to get creative with your color pallete–but this year, the trend is to pick a color and stick to it.  Whether you are more drawn to bright bold colors or warm earth tones, a monochromatic palette is having a moment this year. 

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through home decor on Instagram, you know that wallpaper has made a comeback this year. This fall, the wallpaper trend is bold, romantic, floral prints. While this  is at the top of our fall trends list, it’s not a DIY project everyone is ready to take on. To easily refresh your walls with beautiful wallpaper, a Tasker can help you get the job done.