10 Tasks to Try For Earth Day

April 19, 2012

Show nature a little love this weekend.

Oh Earth Day – a glorious cause for celebration that somehow always leaves people feeling guilty for not being better environmental stewards year-round. This weekend, we hope you join us in just saying “no” to feeling bad. With diverse skills ranging from sewing and cooking to household repairs and gardening, there’s an army of TaskRabbits standing by to take on our carbon footprints. Here are ten of our favorite TaskRabbit-assisted Earth Day activities:

1. “Plant a tree.”
This traditional way to celebrate Earth Day isn’t just symbolic. Trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and help prevent soil erosion. Plus, if you plant a fruit-bearing tree, you save money and cut down on the carbon footprint associated with your diet (no more trucking lemons in from Florida). If you don’t have time (or don’t know how) to plant a tree yourself, hire a TaskRabbit with a green thumb to help you out.

2. “Change all my lightbulbs.”
By now, you’ve probably heard the stats on energy efficient light bulbs a million times. They use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, preventing greenhouse gas emissions and slashing your energy costs. So why haven’t you replaced every bulb in your home yet? Oh yeah, that pesky little issue of time. This Earth Day, hire a TaskRabbit to pick up enough lightbulbs for your home and change every single one.

3. “Teach me how to cook an earth-friendly meal.”
Eating more sustainably can have a big impact on your carbon footprint, but getting started can be quite intimidating. Food-savvy TaskRabbits can teach you how to shop locally and organically, show you the ins and outs of your local farmers’ market, and guide you through preparing a meal that will make you (and Mother Earth) smile.

4. “Start my compost pile, and show me how to use it.”
Composting is breezy once you get started, but the set up can be overwhelming. A TaskRabbit can help you build the perfect compost bin, scout the best location for it, and even handle the worms for you.

5. “Get my bike road-ready.”
Every Earth Day you tell yourself the same thing, “I’m going to start biking to work.” Hire a TaskRabbit to help hold you to it. She can whip your bike into commuting shape by changing the chain, filling the tires, scraping the rust, and adding bike lights and bells. She might even be willing to teach you how to ride it again…

6. “Help me purge and repurpose my old stuff.”
Use this Earth Day weekend to tackle that garage, attic, or basement storage space. TaskRabbits can help with sorting through junk, staging a yard sale, or carting things off to donation facilities. Your old stuff will get a new life instead of ending up in the dump or languishing in your crawl space.

7. “Staff my Earth Day event.”
Already have an Earth Day event planned for the weekend? Whether it’s a picnic, clean-up party, or kiddie craft day, TaskRabbits can help set up, tear down, and staff the whole shindig.

8. “Whip my recycling system into shape.”
If your recycling system is taking up half your kitchen, it might be time to hire a TaskRabbit to tame it. A friendly and organized TaskRabbit can help upgrade your system to your specifications, or dream up a creative solution that works for your family.

9. “Fix my leaks.”
Did you know that just one leaky faucet dripping only 10 times per minute can waste up to 3 liters of water per day? That’s 347 gallons per year. A skilled TaskRabbit can scout out all faucets in your home and stop the drips for good.

10. “Upcycle something.”
How much time do you really have to do-it-yourself? Hire a crafty TaskRabbit for whatever upcycle project you’ve been putting off. She can turn old drapes into a tablecloth or sew a dog bed out of worn-out concert T-shirts. Repurposing old items is a creative and green way to celebrate Earth Day.

Inspired? Post your Earth Day Task right now. 


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