TaskRabbit HQ spotlight: Here’s what Women’s History Month means to us

March 11, 2021

In honor of Women’s History Month we (virtually) sat down with a few of the women of TaskRabbit HQ to learn more about what this month means to them, what advice they would share with other women, and discover what women inspire them. Here’s what they shared!

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“An opportunity to focus on all the achievements that women have made throughout the centuries and highlight the incredible future we have ahead of us.” Ania Smith, CEO, Oakland, CA

“A time to learn about the hidden history of womxn’s contributions to tech, art and more. There’s so much not taught in schools!” LeAnne R., CS Advocate, ATX 

“I think this is a time to celebrate and uplift womxn while also bringing awareness to the struggles and sacrifices that marginalized womxn are still experiencing.” Lorrisa M., Social Media and Content Manager, Oakland, CA

“It’s a chance to learn, recognize and celebrate the women who have paved the way throughout history to open doors and break down barriers.  As a mother of two daughters, it’s my hope that they be continuously surrounded by strong women both in their personal lives and in positions of power in order to see the world as a place of opportunity for women and not be weighed down or limited by the restraints of the past.” Becky, Director CS, ATX

“WHM gives me yet another reason to be proud to be a woman. It allows us to honor all the strong women before us who fought to get us to where we are today — and reminds us to never settle for anything less than we deserve.” – Ariel R., PR & Communications Manager (San Francisco, CA)

“Women’s History Month is a celebration of the innumerable contributions that women (and womxn) have made to society–especially through times when women’s views and work were not recognized. It’s also a time to reflect on areas where women are still breaking barriers today. I celebrate women like George Sand, who wrote under a male pen name in the 1800s; Rosalind Franklin, who discovered DNA but the credit at the time went to men; and more recently, women who have broken political barriers, like Madeleine Albright as first U.S. Secretary of State, and Kamala Harris (Oakland pride!), our first female Vice President.” Morgan C.; Senior Manager, Tasker Success; Oakland, CA

“Womxn’s History Month is an opportunity to acknowledge the incredible contributions female-identifying persons have had either behind-the-scenes or as a first-to-market representative – and taking those accomplishments from the back room into the forefront of our history while paving the way for womxn of the future to continue that legacy.” Jessica Davila, VP of People Experience, NYC

“A time to remember those great women in the past who paved the way for us. A time to get inspiration and learn from others who made a difference in the world. A time to reflect how we want to contribute and make a difference for the next generation.” Amy Zhang, CFO, San Francisco

“A chance to reflect on all the women who have sacrificed so much to pave the way; a chance to reflect on how I can help other women.” Danielle, General Counsel, SF

If you could share one piece of advice with other women, what would it be?

“Learn to love your own company –  you will always be able to find peace and comfort when things get tough.” Becky, Director CS, ATX

“Having confidence in yourself is far more important than what anyone else thinks of you.” Ariel R., PR & Communications Manager (San Francisco, CA)

“Don’t let anyone try to fit you into a box or tell you what it means to be a womxn. We all get to decide what that may look and mean for us individually and that, in my opinion, is what makes us so powerful.” Lorrisa M., Social Media and Content Manager, Oakland, CA

“Don’t just find a mentor; find an advocate.” Morgan C.; Senior Manager, Tasker Success; Oakland, CA

“Be patient and kind to yourself.” Ania Smith, CEO, Oakland, CA

“We first learned to be a behind the curtains support system for others. Then, learned how to act like and fit in with men in order to accomplish great things. Now, we need to own that we are womxn and rather than follow suit or try to blend in, let’s pave a new way for a woman’s way of doing things and let that be the new standard.” Jessica Davila, VP People, NYC

“Feeling our emotions are our strength. Don’t hide it, use it.”  Amy Zhang, CFO, San Francisco

“Take up space – raise your hand, ask the question, make your point.” Danielle, General Counsel, SF

If you could meet one famous or historical woman (past or present) who would it be and why?

“Marie Curie. She was a physicist in the late 19th century and a pioneer in researching radioactivity.  Despite all the odds against women being at the forefront of reacher then, she won two Nobel Prizes and is seen as one of the main contributors to the study of radioactivity. I’ve always been fascinated by her, especially because she was born in Poland (like me).” Ania Smith, CEO, Oakland, CA

 “Maya Angelou. A monthly tea time to simply learn from her and soak in her wisdom and soothing, yet fierce, energy would be a dream.” Jessica Davila, VP of People Experience, NYC

“If I had the opportunity, I would love to meet Marie Curie and Mother Teresa. They are my idols. They showed us the unlimited possibility of how women can make the impossible possible.” Amy Zhang, CFO, San Francisco

“Stevie Nicks – I’m a huge fan of her and her music. She was a strong female lead and set boundaries to ensure she was treated with the same respect as the men in the room. She’s also the only woman to be inducted into the hall of fame twice!” Becky, Director CS, ATX

“Josephine Baker! She was a groundbreaking entertainer of color, a World War II spy, mother to twelve adopted children from all around the world, and a civil rights activist. A woman of a million talents but firmly rooted in her own beliefs, she always knew what she could be and pushed the boundaries. I’d love to learn from her!”  Morgan C., Senior Manager, Tasker Success; Oakland, CA

“Frida Kahlo! I’m in awe of the way she broke gender norms and barriers.” Lorrisa M., Social Media and Content Manager, Oakland, CA

We know that what makes our company great are all of the diverse and amazing people within our community. Learn more about the women who task here.