Tasking Playlist: What Do Taskers Listen to While Working?

September 25, 2018

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re curious about our Taskers — who they are, where they come from, and what little things they like to incorporate into their work days to enhance their experience. Many of them like to use music to get into the zone while tasking, so we asked them to share their go-to playlists. We weren’t surprised to find a wide range in tastes, from Queen to Frank Sinatra to Pavarotti. Read on for a few inspirations for your own work soundtrack.

“Because my father always listened to Dean Martin when I was growing up, I find it comforting to listen to that while tasking. My dad taught me most of what I know.” – Steven A., Boston

“I put some deep house mix on YouTube and jam while doing the task. It’s chill, and most clients like it, too.” Alphonse M., LA & OC

“Oh gosh, one song? I like to play Queen’s self-titled debut. It’s a feel-good album!” – Scarlet E., Denver

“I listen to podcasts while I task. I enjoy taking that time to educate myself.” – Andrew K., Denver

“I do not tend to listen to music while tasking unless it’s while doing yard work, but I find the ‘Empire of the Sun’ station on Pandora to be especially conducive to working at an advanced pace.“ – Sarah J., NYC

“Some good ol’ Frank Sinatra or Hillsong Worship/Hillsong United Pandora station!” – Robert T., Dallas

“No one song — but Pavarotti and U2 come to mind!” – Pierre J., Cleveland

“I listen to a variety of tunes while assembling furniture. I’m really digging the album ‘Lost in the Dream’ by the War on Drugs and the song ‘Gold to Glass’ by the Revivalists.” – Michael K., San Francisco

“Anything from Fortunate Youth. I’m all about spreading a positive vibe!” – Chris D., Las Vegas

Tibetan drums and bells. They’re very soothing to me. But sometimes I listen to some Top 50 station.” – Samson A., Minneapolis/St. Paul

“Anything northern soul.” – Nico I., London

“I listen to educational lectures while I task. It helps me skill up both physically with what I’m doing, and mentally with what I’m listening to!” – Melvin T., Charlotte

“I listen to audiobooks actually! I think I have gone through 50+ books in the last year!” – Savannah B., San Francisco

“I like quiet time. I get to think and hear things that surround me.” – Rizza S., San Francisco

“If no one is around, I listen to a wide variety of podcasts. But I generally spend time talking to clients as I task.” – Brett S., NYC