Tasker Spotlight: Den B.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are spotlighting a conversation we had with Den B., a Tasker who does Moving, Junk Removal, and Delivery tasks for clients throughout the New York City metro area.

She joined TaskRabbit as a means to earn a little extra cash in her spare time. Today, she uses the platform to display her whole authentic self and takes pride in providing the services that her clients need. In our sit down, Den shared what Women’s History Month means to her and why she’s proud to be a woman. Read our conversation below!

TaskRabbit: What were you doing before you started tasking?

Den: Prior to TaskRabbit I was working as an administrative assistant while building GoClutterless Home Organizers.

TR: Does TaskRabbit enable you to find better work and/or financial opportunities vs. the “traditional” workforce? If yes, how so? 

C: It does! Through TaskRabbit I can connect directly with clients in need of my services. They get the convenience they need and they love it!! There’s no hassle and they are happy to pay for that convenience.

TR: What life/work lessons have you learned or gained through your work as a Tasker?

C: Although I take pride in self-sufficiency and independence, working with clients has proven to me just how much we need each other. Clients need me to help make their lives easier and I need them to be able to do what I love!

TR: What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

C: Women’s History Month to me is an occasion to celebrate freedom, respect, sisterhood, courage, progress, inspiration, and love. It reminds me of the ability that females have to make earth-shattering change. Together we can move mountains!

TR: What makes you proud to be a woman?

C: I am proud to be a woman because I can operate out of femininity and strength! I feel beautiful yet strong, and TaskRabbit enables me to be my whole authentic self. Many times, this means pulling up in my cargo van with my dolly and toolbelt ready to take on a task!

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