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When Spring Cleaning Becomes Summer Cleaning

Spring-cleaning. It never seems to happen during spring, does it? Now that summer has officially arrived, our time indoors is likely to decrease while our clutter is likely to grow exponentially. We have a few tips to help refresh your living space so that you have a spick-and-span place to return to after a hot day at the beach.

TaskRabbit + IKEA

As a valued member of our community, we want you to be one of the first to know some exciting news: TaskRabbit has agreed to be acquired by IKEA Group, the world’s largest furniture retailer. The acquisition makes perfect sense for both IKEA and TaskRabbit. We’ve been working together for the past 18 months and realized that we have a lot in common, starting with the same vision: to provide a better life for many people. IKEA sells affordable, accessible home furnishings across the globe and TaskRabbit provides access to quality home services. With the combined forces of IKEA and TaskRabbit, you will be able to hire a Tasker to deliver and assemble IKEA furniture on your schedule at a price you can afford, seamlessly. TaskRabbit will continue to function as an independent platform and maintain its independent contractor model. You will have access to all of the same services, mobile app and Taskers you currently work with, in the categories of your choosing. Thank you for being a TaskRabbit client. We look forward to …

What does work mean to you?

This Labor Day we wanted to do something different. Rather than sharing task ideas for you to hire Taskers to help you complete this long weekend, we wanted to share with you the reasons why Taskers do what they do. We asked our Taskers the simple question: “what does work mean to you” and were moved by their heartwarming answers. Here are some of our favorites: “Work to me is an opportunity to express my skills, talents, creativity and inspiration. I subscribe to the motto, “it takes a village…” and it is utterly important to me to be a meaningful contributor. I often substitute the word “work” with “play!” “It means determination, self- sacrificing spirit, passion and good morals. To me, working for TaskRabbit is an expressions of all of those good qualities.” “Work is what allows my family to enjoy life. And I want to enjoy working. All the effort I put into working, and the character I build from it, enriches my home life. I work to live!” “Work is a way to …

Hoppy ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ — TaskRabbit Style!

What could be cuter than kids hopping around an office? How about kids….WITH BUNNIES?! This year, TaskRabbit joined LeanIn.Org’s Take Your Kids to Work Day to give some TaskRabbit kids the opportunity to see their moms and dads as both leaders at work and active parents. But let’s be honest, work can be boring sometimes. So, some official TaskRabbit bunnies made an appearance. And just like that, the office got adorably fun (see photos below). The day was part of the #LeanInTogether movement, a challenge to raise a generation of women and men who can be anything they want to be. Research shows that everyone benefits when women and men lean in at work and at home. • Splitting responsibilities evenly at home benefits children. Fathers who do more household chores are more likely to raise daughters who believe they have a broader range of career options. How did you celebrate Take Your Kids to Work Day? Post on Facebook or Twitter a photo of you and your little one with “I’m a Lean In …

Trouble-Shooting Tasks

Trouble-Shooting Tasks

I picked up a task the other day that looked fairly simple: pick up an order of huevos rancheros and deliver them down the street. Easy, right? Not so! First, it was pouring rain outside, so my pleasant little walk became not-so-pleasant. Once I got to the delivery location, I found out that the drop-off address was on the 22nd floor of the building, and I was not allowed upstairs. Plus, since it was a surprise delivery, I did not have contact information for the recipient. Yikes! Luckily everything turned out alright with my delivery task, but as I stood there dripping wet in the lobby of this very tall building, I realized it’s important to know what to do when things don’t go exactly as you planned… Your First Resource for Help: Yourself! When you applied to become a TaskRabbit, we chose you because we trust you. We trust that you’ll make the right decisions when doing a task, because you’re neighborly and awesome. Your TaskPosters chose you for the same reason: they trust …

TaskVan Leah Busque

A Week in the Life of the TaskVan

Well that was fun! This week, Team TaskRabbit had a blast roaming the streets of Austin in a giant, mobile bunny. With its regal fur waving in the Texas wind, the TaskVan was the most majestic thing on the streets of SXSWi. We spent each day delighting conference attendees, smiling for photos, and doling out some pretty incredible goodies. Here’s a rundown of some of the week’s highlights: We loaded up on pies from Austin’s beloved Home Slice Pizza and handed out slices to everyone waiting for their badges in the enormous registration line. We handed out custom TaskVan T-shirts and awesome TaskRabbit shades to everyone who came near the van. We surprised people with gorgeous Sesame Gift sets throughout the week. The lucky recipients loved the beautiful packaging and thoughtfully curated gifts Didn’t get one? Find Sesame on the web, in the iTune store, or on Facebook. We picked up delicious treats from Amy’s Ice Creams and turned the TaskVan into a furry ice cream truck on the hottest day of the festival. We …

Vayable Local Expierence

Vayable Makes Everyone a Local

We’re mighty proud to be part of the sharing economy, so you can imagine how excited we are to count so many collaborative consumption companies in the TaskRabbit for Business community. This week we decided to catch up with the co-founder and CEO of one of our favorite companies, Jamie Wong of Vayable. By providing an incredible marketplace that makes it easy to access local experts, Vayable is redefining the art of travel. Jamie was kind enough to chat with us about her vision for Vayable — and how TaskRabbits are helping her realize it. What’s the mission of Vayable? “To enable entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and community worldwide by empowering people to share experiences with others.” How do TaskRabbits help out the Vayable team? “‘How doesn’t the Vayable team use TaskRabbit?’ might be a better question. TaskRabbits deliver us food, Apple equipment, and matzo ball soup for our friends when they get sick. They’ve helped us move (several times), and kept us healthy with juice cleanses and warm with firewood for our in-office fireplace.” What …

TaskRabbit SXSW Austin

TaskRabbit Kicks Off Dedicated Business Product With Exclusive South By Southwest Web Portal

Today, TaskRabbit is thrilled to launch a web portal that makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to fuel their SXSW experience with Austin-based TaskRabbits. The launch coincides with the new TaskRabbit For Business program, a business-facing product that’s more reliable than online classifieds, less costly than traditional temp agencies, and customizable to exactly what a business needs. [pullshow] SXSW 2012 saw dozens of the tech and entertainment world’s most innovative companies and brands, including Airbnb, Bravo, and HBOGirls, relying on TaskRabbit for marketing, event, and on-the-ground support in Austin. “It was awesome to see the organic yet massive growth from businesses last year when we’d just barely launched in Austin,” says TaskRabbit’s Head of Business Development, Victor Echevarria. [pullthis]“Now, with a dedicated TaskRabbit for Business offering and a first-of-its-kind SXSW tool, we’re excited for the opportunity to be the local, background-checked staffing force that powers SXSW Interactive in 2013.” [/pullthis] Building on the existing demand for reliable, trustworthy Austin-based assistance, TaskRabbit’s SXSW portal makes it easy for businesses from anywhere in the world …

Julian R Mobile TaskRabbit

Meet the Team: Julian R.

As a locksport enthusiast, Head of Mobile Development Julian R. can gain entry to just about anywhere. Maybe that’s how TaskRabbit landed a spot on the Apple App Store’s list of Best Disruptive Service Apps of 2012. Julian’s also a sucker for spies, puppies, and the TaskRabbit community. Favorite Book: Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson Beverage of Choice: Pisco Sour Favorite TV Show: “Burn Notice. I’m a sucker for spy shows and movies.” Favorite Place to go in the Bay Area? The Ferry Building Secret Addiction: “I do large quantities of code.” Favorite Joke: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? Inevitably, most people pick ‘R,’ but pirates love the ‘C.’” Best Task He’s Seen Posted: “Create a puppy petting pen for the office!” Favorite Thing About TaskRabbit: “The people! The TaskRabbits and people in the office are always so kind, talented, and understanding.”