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Send a Secret Santa San Francisco

Send a Santa Anywhere in San Francisco

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send Santa anywhere in San Francisco? Wouldn’t it be even better if he delivered your favorite Trader Joe’s treats to your favorite people? For one day only, we’re making it happen. BEFORE NOON TODAY ONLY: Use Deliver Now to send a Secret Santa from Trader Joe’s to anywhere in San Francisco for only $5. Here’s how it works: 1. Choose a lucky loved one to receive your Secret Santa gift, then decide which awesome Trader Joe’s treat you’d like to send them. 2. Post a Deliver Now Task with the details (be sure to include your loved one’s name and phone number along with the delivery address) between 10-noon for only $5. 3. A TaskRabbit (wearing a Santa hat, naturally) will decorate the gift with a bow and deliver it to your loved one by 5pm with a card that says, “Happy Holidays from Your Secret Santa.” Ready to send Santa somewhere? Fire up your TaskRabbit app or head to the Deliver Now page.

TaskRabbit Gap Holiday Partnership 2012

TaskRabbit Partners With Gap To Lend a Helping Hand for Your Holiday To-Do List

Everyone loves the holidays, but they do have a tendency to overwhelm people. From holiday shopping to gift wrapping, decorating to preparing for out-of-town guests, there’s a seemingly endless To-Do list that can put a chill on the month of December. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Gap to take the stress out of the holiday season. Between December 8th and 24th, Gap shoppers who spend $75 or more at participating Gap stores in San Francisco and New York will receive a $25 TaskRabbit voucher, valid toward any Task this holiday season. We’ve also built a custom web portal for Gap shoppers that makes it possible to outsource Tasks like gift wrapping or waiting in line to meet Santa with a single click. Shoppers in New York and San Francisco will also benefit from an in-store experience that makes the holidays even easier. The TaskRabbit Concierge Desk will be available weekends in December at New York’s 17th & 5th Avenue Gap store and San Francisco’s Market & Powell Gap store. …

Maxton Men Style Clothing

Maxton Men Know Style and Efficiency

Who says men don’t care about fashion? Maxton Men is on a mission to make classic and enduring designs available to men who appreciate great style. The extremely well-curated collection favors built-to-last items over fast-fashion and, frankly, we’ve become more than a little addicted to browsing their site. Like many online retailers, Maxton Men is experiencing an increase in business now that holiday shopping is in full swing. Never willing to sacrifice customer service and quality, they figured out a great solution to handling the busy season: TaskRabbits. It probably won’t surprise you, but we definitely approve. We caught up with founder and CEO Kishan Madamala to learn more about the company’s mission — and how TaskRabbits are helping them achieve it. Here’s what he had to say: What’s the mission of Maxton Men? “Our goal is to be the new men’s general store — a place where guys can go to pick up the necessary detail items in their lives. We try to provide them with a curated set of style-driven choices.” How do …

Life Edited Feastly TaskRabbit

Life Edited and Feastly Throw a Dinner Party (With a Little Help From TaskRabbit)

What happens when three collaborative platforms join forces in one 420-square-foot Manhattan apartment? That’s exactly what Life Edited, Feastly, and TaskRabbit wanted to find out. Last month, Life Edited opened up its beautiful (and super efficient) new SoHo working and living venue to a Feastly chef hosting 12 Feasters, and a TaskRabbit helped out with dishes and cleanup. If you are interested in attending a dinner, please signup at Feastly. Check out the apartment here: The seasonal menu consisted of homemade pickled Chinese squash and seaweed crackers, kabocha Japanese soy and sake-braised squash, butternut squash and pear latkes served with sautéed greens, and pumpkin whoopie pies with cream filling for dessert. Guests represented the full spectrum of New York’s creative side: developers and designers, architects and entrepreneurs. The group began the night as strangers, but in this incredibly designed and intimate setting, they said goodnight as if they were long-time friends. Guest blogger Noah Karesh is the co-founder of Feastly. Follow him on Twitter @eatfeastly.

New Year's Eve Hosts TaskRabbit Eventbrite

TaskRabbit for New Year’s Eve Hosts

So you’ve decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party, eh? You brave and wonderful soul, you. If you’re committed to welcoming the new year in style and making remarkable memories for your guests, you’re gonna need a little help. That’s why friendly, reliable TaskRabbits right in your neighborhood come in. Whether you need someone to help with logistics before the event, an extra pair of hands on site to be sure things go smoothly, or a skilled professional to take your shindig to the next level, TaskRabbit is here to help. From guest check-in and set up to event photography and food preparation, there are dozens of party Tasks you can outsource. Here are a few of the most popular things great hosts hand off to TaskRabbits: Supply Delivery Anyone who’s thrown a party dreads the pre-celebration ritual of maneuvering the Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s parking lots to gather the needed quantities of beer, liquor, and champagne. And then of course you’ll need tiny plastic champagne glasses, deli trays, and dessert spreads. …

CruiseWise: Taking the Blues Out of the Cruise

Taking a cruise is all about luxury, relaxation, and convenience. Until CruiseWise hit the scene, booking a cruise tended to offer the exact opposite experience. Sifting through dozens of outmoded and difficult to navigate travel sites, comparing cruise lines and cabins, and trying to figure out how to make the most of the ports visited — it can be frustrating enough to keep you on dry land. On a mission to radically simplify the way people search, compare, and book cruises online, CruiseWise is shaking up things on the high seas. We caught up with Jordan Berry, Content Captain of CruiseWise, to find out more. Why does the cruise industry need to be shaken up? “Cruising is a great way to travel. For as little as $45 per night per person, you can have a hassle-free, 5-star experience and visit exotic destinations while disconnecting from the world. At the same time, the technology used to book cruises online is still stuck in 1998. Before CruiseWise, potential and frequent cruisers were unable to get a true …

My Productivity Secret: Embrace the Path of Least Resistance

The desire to pursue the path of least resistance is a fundamental law of our universe. Successful leaders are hailed for their seemingly inhuman ability to ignore the path of least resistance and instead always take steps toward success, but what I think really happens is that they engineer a path of least resistance that leads to success. [pullshow] [pullthis]The fact that electrons follow the path of least resistance allows electrical engineers to create computers, TVs, and smartphones that perform predictably. When I press the letter “A” on my keyboard, the carefully engineered system in my laptop creates a path of least resistance for electrical signals that display the letter “A” on my screen. [/pullthis]Hardware engineers have never tried to motivate electrons with stock options or given them performance reviews in the hope that they pursue a more noble path. Rather, they put the electrons in a system that is designed to operate properly because they follow the path of least resistance. Similarly, if you design a workflow and environment where the path of least …

The Pepsi NEXT™ Extra Hour Sweepstakes, Powered by TaskRabbit

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Pepsi NEXT™ to show their fans what a 25-hour day feels like. Between October 16th and November 12th, Pepsi NEXT™ fans will enter to win the services of a dedicated TaskRabbit for one hour. Each week, 50 winners will be chosen over the nine participating cities. Contest participants simply choose which Task they’d like the TaskRabbits to tackle — everything from preparing dinner to cleaning house is fair game. The winners are selected at random each week, connected with their TaskRabbits, then presented with a Pepsi NEXT™ and an entire hour of extra time. The Pepsi NEXT™ team calls it “a double dose of the unbelievable” — a 25th hour in the day and real cola taste with 60% less sugar. We agree: That’s pretty unbelievable. To enter for your chance to win an extra hour from Pepsi NEXT™, visit

Conscious Box

Catching Up With Conscious Box

We love hearing about how TaskRabbits help our business customers build incredible companies. This week we checked in with Jesse Richardson of Conscious Box to talk about their mission and how TaskRabbits are helping them realize it. Conscious Box hires TaskRabbits to assemble eco-friendly subscription boxes full of products that make the world a better place. Here’s what Jesse had to say. Could you tell us a little about Conscious Box? “Conscious Box is rooted in encouraging more conscious consumption. We knew firsthand that natural product companies benefited from sampling and a physical introduction of products, and we wanted to create a more seamless, curated approach for consumers. Conscious Box allows us to bring the best companies to thousands of doorsteps, every month!” What barriers exist to people interested in more sustainable consumption? “They vary person to person, but we’ve found the big two are accessibility and culture. For accessibility, most people find the natural product realm daunting —there are so many options, all sporting similar labels and certifications. This makes sorting difficult and, in …