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6 Ways to Reuse Your Online Shopping Boxes

If you’re like the rest of the internet, the next week will feel a little like Christmas in July as your Prime Day purchases land on your doorstep. Just don’t get trapped with a pile of cardboard after you unbox your goods! Online shopping doesn’t have to generate a ton of waste. We’ve rounded up a few easy ways to repurpose your cardboard boxes.

10 Tasks to Try For Earth Day

Oh Earth Day – a glorious cause for celebration that somehow always leaves people feeling guilty for not being better environmental stewards year-round. This weekend, we hope you join us in just saying “no” to feeling bad. With diverse skills ranging from sewing and cooking to household repairs and gardening, there’s an army of TaskRabbits standing by to take on our carbon footprints. Here are ten of our favorite TaskRabbit-assisted Earth Day activities: 1. “Plant a tree.” This traditional way to celebrate Earth Day isn’t just symbolic. Trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and help prevent soil erosion. Plus, if you plant a fruit-bearing tree, you save money and cut down on the carbon footprint associated with your diet (no more trucking lemons in from Florida). If you don’t have time (or don’t know how) to plant a tree yourself, hire a TaskRabbit with a green thumb to help you out. 2. “Change all my lightbulbs.” By now, you’ve probably heard the stats on energy efficient light bulbs a million times. They use about 75% …