Plant Decor 101: Create an Urban Oasis at Home

April 11, 2018

With spring in full swing, we’re in serious need of a home refresh to match the cheery weather. When we asked our Taskers how they liven up their indoor spaces, it’s no surprise that plants were at the top of their list. From succulents to leafy fronds, plants add a pop of color and freshness to any room with minimal fuss. Sounds like the perfect houseguest! Turn your home into an urban oasis with these plant decor tips — no backyard or green thumb necessary.


Begin with basics

Plant care doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start with low maintenance plants like succulents, spider plants, aloe, or ivy. For a step up, try sturdy flowers like African violets, orchids, or peace lilies.

Use the nooks and crannies

Fill empty drawers, staircase edges, fireplaces, and other unused spaces with greenery to create unexpected bursts of life around the house.


Level up (and down)

Short on space? Just look up. Hang plants from the ceiling and walls, perch them on shelves and tables, or layer from all heights for a cascading garden. It’s also a chance to get creative with a variety of plants that thrive at different levels of light.

Think outside the pot

Repurpose everyday household items into planters for a quirky, DIY touch. Kitchen colanders, milk crates, and shower caddies come with ready-made drainage, while you can easily transform tin cans with a nail and hammer. Frame plants that like low soil (we love succulents) to line the walls with living pictures.


Go big or go home

If you like your greenery to make a statement, choose an oversized plant as the focal point of the room. Create a forest feel with a leafy ficus, conjure desert chic with a cactus, or go zen with bamboo. As a bonus, you can get by with watering most of them just once every few days.

Accessorize with the outdoors

Incorporate natural materials like ceramic, stone, clay, or wood into surrounding decor (vases, platters, bowls, mirrors) to bring the outdoors. Accent with rope, burlap, or twine for a final wild flourish.

Put plants to work

Some plants earn their keep more than others, so find ones that are functional as well as beautiful. Start an herb garden for kitchen decor that’s pleasant to smell, see, and taste. Freshen up the bathroom with hardy, natural air purifiers like snake and spider plants.


Ready to refresh your home? Book a Tasker today to help you do away with spring to-do’s.