Modern Love Stories: The Most Creative Thing You’ve Done for Love


Yes, Valentine’s Day can be cheesy and sappy, but we like to see it as a chance to celebrate love in all forms — using love languages of all forms. We asked you to tell us the most creative thing you’ve ever done in the name of love — from romantic love, to puppy love, to friendship, to something else. Whether you’ll be spending the day romancing your date or enjoying singledom with your friends, take some inspiration from these truly creative displays of affection. Tell us in the comments what you’ve done in the name of love.

We turned the living room into a fort filled with all of the pillows. We built a fire and camped at home! ✨💕⛺️💕✨ (@krystalKavney)

Wrote my husband 100 different notes with all the reasons I loved him. That same day, I said ‘I love you’ for the first time. (@breelaine)

I drove the infamous Popeye’s chicken sandwich across the Canadian border so that my boyfriend could get a taste of the American dream. (@ashfenn)


I made a crossword puzzle filled with inside jokes for my friend for Valentine’s Day and she had to solve it! (@missmisschelle)

When we were in college, money was tight but I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend (future wife). I decided to make her a book. I saved up cardboard from cereal boxes and used duct tape to hold it together. It actually looked much nicer than it sounds. On the cover I placed a heart “mirror” made out of aluminum foil on the cover with a caption that read “Look into this mirror to see who owns my heart.” Inside I wrote poetry and included a list of all of the things I loved about her. My wife tells me that it is the best gift I have ever given her. 😊 (@tdcldcjtc)

I bought my husband a new racquetball racquet, and cut out small paper hearts, wrote love messages on them, and attached them with string to the racquet! Then I drove it down to the gym, and gave them instructions to give it to my husband when we checked into the gym later! When my husband and I went to the gym later that night, he was so surprised to get the racquet of love! ❤️❤️❤️ (@mochasher)


I bought a huge sized teddy bear at Costco and unstuffed the teddy bear and wore it as a costume. I placed myself in the corner of the living room wearing it with a box of chocolates and when he walked in he walked towards it and when he was close enough I gave him a big bear hug! He freaked out but it was priceless! (@justmavy)

For our first year wedding anniversary I hired a photographer friend to take boudoir shots, made a picture book out of construction paper and tied the pages together with ribbon, then wrote out the lyrics from our wedding song throughout the pages 😍 (@ahsiak)

On a whim, I took a train from Michigan to Illinois and showed up to my girlfriend’s apartment pretending to be UPS. She opened the door and it was me 🤗 (@miketlawrence)

I converted my dining room into a bedroom and had my mom move into my home 🏠 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer and I’m taking a pause from my career to care for her. (@workaholicphila)

I flew to his work trip to surprise him in front of all his colleagues!!! (@princesa_wolf)

Adopted a manatee for them! 😃 (@the_prezident)


I made a giant heart out of red gummy bears!! (@fatraccoon)

My boyfriend never packs for flights. 2 hours, 6 hours, 11 hours. He brings no headphones or movies or magazines. He just wings it 😂. So when he was traveling with his dad one time I made him a fun flight package full of lotto tickets, crossword puzzles, snacks, and other fun things. He really appreciated the care I put into it and it made him feel special. ❤️ (@shelleyseashells1)

My friend had me deliver a vegan burger to her tinder date on Valentine’s Day. They are now married and have a 1yr old together! He’s now vegan too! (@pigeonbreathstudio)

Fell in love with a Salvadoran guy. His English wasn’t the best so I spent the next 3.5 years studying Spanish. Now I’m fluent and our communication is better than ever! Now he’s planning to take me to his home country! (@sarahcoreanita)

To keep my hubs distracted during some stressful sleepless nights, I treated it like a slumber party: ordered board games, movies and take out. (@cricket_j)


A heart made out of mini hotdogs and ketchup! (@madisonbombay)

I made my husband a book of poetry for our first Valentine’s Day. All written for him. (@ann.jenn)

I was in kindergarten and had a crush on this boy. On my birthday I could bring in a snack for everyone, so my mom and I made muffins. I put extra blueberries in one of them and planned to give that one to the boy I loved. I saved his for last and when I handed it to him he said, “I HATE blueberries.” Oh, the pain. (@emma.k.strick)

Spending dinner with my granddaughter and waiting 2 hours for our restaurant reservation outside in the car and having the best conversation. (@jaleon2500)

Wrote my husband 100 different notes with all the reasons I loved him. The same day I  said I love you for the first time. (@feb1112)

I designed a treasure hunt for my husband to find his gift…a puppy! (@mjhgrams)

I made my son a blippi plush doll because they were sold out and he really wanted one. (@alyskip)

We got married on Valentine’s Day 11 years ago. (@blueyedgreekgirl)

I painted a portrait for my parents of them surrounded by all the dogs they’ve ever owned in their lifetime and framed it. They are big dog lovers. I titled the painting “Puppy Love.” (@pocketcalculator)

I made a heart-shaped breakfast for my husband. I made heart-shaped eggs, bread, and cookies. He was super happy. (@niarammal)


My husband wanted a garden and had mentioned it many times. So, I purchased seeds a small portable greenhouse for his garden with potting soil and BAM….. wish granted. He loved it!! (@proudmom19)

My mama had a stroke last year and can’t move so to get her to smile…I give her a foot massage with reach lavender-cream rub on her feet 💝 love my mama 💝(@msalamy)

Moved to another country to make my husband’s dreams come true 💙💚❤️ (@wishingongreen)

In college, a guy I had my eye on was a great dancer and I was not. So I took a lesson. He became my boyfriend and we dated for 2 years. (@lavieenrose333)

When we first got engaged, I learned to make all of my husbands favorite British dishes that he missed after he moved back to the States. (@glamorosicooks)

I wrote my husband a rap for a wedding anniversary! (@mrscole131)

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