How To Use A Tasker This Valentine’s Day 

February 2, 2022

valentines day table

valentines day table

It looks like this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities will be (once again) celebrated at home. And that’s ok – because there are plenty of fun and romantic stay-at-home Valentine’s date options. But what about the logistics like setting up your TV for movie night or making sure your house is date-ready? 

This year, use a Tasker to help make your holiday memorable when celebrating at home. 

Movie Date Night

You can’t “Netflix and chill” without the proper setup. For those of us who aren’t so technologically inclined, use a Tasker to install your TV. Instead of spending hours watching a YouTube tutorial on how to install a TV, spend that time creating a lineup of your honey’s favorite movies. 

Don’t forget to load up on the essentials – popcorn, chocolate, and candy! 


If you plan on cooking up a romantic dinner for two, you’re probably not going to want to clean up after, and we don’t blame you. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying dessert and hot cocoa on the sofa instead of doing the dishes? Hack your after-dinner clean-up and spend the rest of your evening with your special someone doing something way better than cleaning the kitchen. 

Home Organization

Nothing says “I love you” like an organized house. If you’re no Marie Kondo, enlist the help of an expert organizer to declutter your home. Imagine sitting back and relaxing while your bedroom, closet, office, or any other room in your home is neatly organized. 

Show your partner how much you care and get the job done right by
booking a Tasker. You know, with the help of someone who actually knows how to organize.