How To Throw A World Cup Party

October 31, 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like World Cup month. This Winter edition is all about home viewing parties, because frankly, who wants to go out on a cold December night… So let us coach you on how to tackle your to-do list to be a great World Cup host.

Score a new TV set-up

Having your viewing party guests huddling around to watch your TV means it needs to be easily seen from all angles. The best way to achieve this is by mounting your TV on the wall with an articulating arm. That way you can effortlessly change the angle whether everyone has one eye on the kitchen snacks and one eye on the game, or they’re watching on tenterhooks from the sofa.

Get a Tasker to mount your TV on the wall

Welcome your guests to a clean home

You love to host but you hate the day-after cleaning. Well, the World Cup gives you the perfect excuse to hire a cleaning service so you’re prepped and ready for the next game party. Just tell your Tasker what you want them to clean – the living room, the fridge, the floors – and let them work their magic while you focus on your World Cup fantasy team.

Book help for all your cleaning

Tackle those much-needed home repairs

Hosting a party is usually a good reason to fix those things in your home that need some TLC. You’ve learned to live with the broken parts, but your guests might not. Things like that fridge door that only closes if you slam it, that tap that needs a Hulk-like force to be turned on. What about those ceiling lights constantly flickering and making a buzzing noise and that bathroom door with a broken lock? Now is the time to tackle those issues with the help of a trusted Tasker.

Get help for all your home repairs