Halloween Home Decor

October 13, 2022

Halloween concept. Halloween DIY craft. Woman hands with a paintbrush coloring pumpkins for a holiday flat lay top view

If you’re getting ready for Halloween, you may be asking yourself, “how are people decorating their homes for Halloween?” From jack-o’-lanterns to scarecrows, to ghosts to fog machines, there are many ways to give your home the Halloween spirit, including elevating your Halloween home decor game. 

Halloween concept. Halloween DIY craft. Woman hands with a paintbrush coloring pumpkins for a holiday flat lay top view

Are you wondering how to create Halloween DIY outdoor decorations on a budget? If so, you’re in luck: there are a ton of different options to make your own decorations or purchase affordable ones. At its simplest, you can start by taking stock of what you currently have. Do you perhaps have a wooden broom that you can use as decoration? Are there any pumpkins on sale at your local grocery store?

DIY Halloween thread ghost step by step. The fourth image. Glue the ghosts of the eyes. Done

If you’re interested in Halloween DIY outdoor decorations, you can channel your inner craftsperson. Use yarn, construction paper, stencils, and scissors to make a wide variety of decorations like spooky spiders, ghoulish ghosts, and jocular jack-o’-lanterns.

You can also take part in the quintessential Halloween garden decor pastime by carving pumpkins (don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds). 

Autumn decorations have the potential to last for several months. If you’re wondering whether to decorate for autumn or Halloween first, you could consider starting with general autumn decorations and adding Halloween touches in mid-October. Once Halloween is over, you can keep your autumn decorations up through the end of the season. Conversely, you could decide to wait until Halloween to put up decorations and leave up those that might make sense for the autumn season. 

Girl paints leaves. Gouache, brush and various autumn leaves, Children's art project. Colorful Hand-painted on dry autumn leaves

To make your own autumn decorations look for large, intact leaves in various colors – maple leaves are a great option if possible. You can also create a display with fall gourds, like pumpkin and squash, using recycled wood boxes.  

Overall, Halloween DIY outdoor decorations and autumn decor can be an enjoyable and cost-efficient way to make your home look festive and fun.

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