Gift ideas for every type of love language

January 22, 2021

How do you like to receive and show love on Valentine’s Day? For some of us it may look like romantic dinners with a significant other, boxes of chocolate, or a solo night at home watching your favorite romantic comedy. Or maybe you use this day to connect and tell your friends all the things you love about them. Whatever your love language may be TaskRabbit is here to help you celebrate this day of love no matter if it’s romantic, platonic, or anything in between. 

Keep reading to find inspiration for every love language

1. Words of affirmation

Sometimes the smaller things, such as letting your partner know you admire them, are all that is needed to put a smile on their face. Hire a Tasker to deliver a love letter or serenade them with a romantic poem.

2. Acts of service 

For some people, the motivation behind the gift is even more important than the gift itself. Show a friend or partner how much you care by tackling that job or task they’ve been wanting to get done for ages but haven’t had the time. Maybe it’s getting a Tasker to take over the house cleaning tasks or helping a friend assemble their new furniture. No matter what’s on their to-do list, a Tasker can help them get it done.

3. Quality time

Finding time to connect with a partner or friends is always a challenge, especially when we work all week and then try to tackle our to-do list over the weekend. From grocery shopping to weekend house chores, it can be hard to prioritize setting aside uninterrupted chunks of quality time. Help your loved ones find the time by outsourcing some of their tasks to a Tasker. Want to make quality time an ongoing priority? Set up a recurring task for to-dos like cleaning and errands to free up their days. 

4. Physical touch 

If you don’t fancy yourself as the most skilled amateur masseuse, but you want to make your partner feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, outsource some tips from the professionals. Look online for tips on the best massage techniques to wow your significant other.

5. Gift-giving 

If you aren’t able to be with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, send a thoughtful gift to show you’re thinking of them. The more personalized you can make it, the better – plus extra brownie points for hand-delivered gifts from their favorite chocolatier, or the bottle of wine they loved from your last holiday together. Want to give the gift of time? Send them a TaskRabbit gift card.

Visit TaskRabbit and book a Tasker to help tick off your Valentine’s Day to-dos.