First Apartment Moving Checklist

The feeling of moving into your first apartment is incredible, but making your first move can be daunting. There’s so much planning required, and the logistics alone are so overwhelming! Fortunately, our moving checklist for your first apartment makes it easy to figure out what you need to do before the big day!

Read on to discover our PDF checklist, a moving timeline, and more.

PDF Checklist

Check out our PDF moving checklists and get going on your move ASAP!

Moving Timeline

Once you’ve found your new place and signed the lease, it’s time to start planning.

2 Months Out:

You’ll want to start preparing for your move at least 2 months before the actual move date. This will ensure you’re able to be comprehensive when the day comes. 2 months prior, you should:

Discover the details of your new place: Moving to a new location is exciting, but it always requires some investigation! Are you moving to a third-floor apartment, a small space, or a building with an HOA? It’s important to hash out the details a few months before to avoid any snags. You’ll want to find out things like move-in policies, apartment rules, and utility costs.

Determine your moving budget: Whether you’re hiring movers or planning to tackle the move on your own, it’s important to figure out how much you’ll need to spend to get your move done effectively. Be sure to consider all costs: packing supplies, a moving truck, movers, equipment like dolleys, lifting straps, and so-on. 

Create an inventory: Creating an inventory of what you’ll be bringing with you is essential to make sure you don’t leave anything behind (or take too much). When moving into your first apartment, it can be tempting to keep a lot of things for their sentimental value, but it’s key to bring only the necessary items (especially if you’re moving into a small or shared space). A good way to create an inventory is to tackle your current living space room by room and make a list of what you’ll need from each area.

Research moving companies: This is a crucial step if you’ve got a lot of stuff or if you’re short on time. While there are many options for moving companies, we recommend hiring a Tasker to help with your move! Taskers are experienced and efficient and have flexible rates that work with your budget. What’s more, Taskers can do it all, from unpacking to heavy lifting!

Gather packing supplies: While it may seem a bit preemptive to gather packing supplies a few months out, you’ll save yourself time and energy in the long run if you do it ahead of time. Buy a couple of rolls of duck tape, some boxes, and other supplies early on to avoid a last minute scramble.

1 Month Out:

With a month to go until your move, anxiety might start to overtake the excitement. But don’t fret! Just do these few things to get yourself prepared:

Change your address: Update your address with the USPS and any other services you’re registered with. If you’re moving into your first apartment, you probably won’t have much to change, but you can always get a jumpstart on directing services like electricity, internet, and gas to your new address. Check with your new landlord to determine what needs to be set up!

Measure your new space: One of the most exciting parts of moving is planning the decor for your new space. In order to get started on that, you’ll need to know room dimensions. If your new space is vacant a month out, ask your landlord to let you in to take measurements. If there’s someone still living there, you can ask your landlord for dimensions or schedule time via your landlord to measure when the current tenants aren’t home.

Begin packing non-essential items: Non-essential items (like spare blankets, seldom used appliances, etc.) can be packed in advance to save you hassle down the line. It’s helpful to have some boxes on hand to start packing things away so they’re ready for the big day!

Get rid of old junk: Once non-essentials are packed, you can start to determine what you won’t need (or have space for) in your new place. Old notebooks? Junk. Maybe you’ve got an old dresser that you’re ready to toss in favor of a new one? Hire a Tasker to haul it away!

Obtain renter’s insurance: While your new landlord may or may not require renter’s insurance, it’s a good idea to obtain it either way. Renter’s insurance can protect you from accidental damage, natural disasters, and more. It’s essential for first-time renters and students!

Review your lease: A month out is the perfect time to review your lease. Are you allowed to have pets, parties, or perhaps wall-mounted TVs? It’s important to figure these things out ahead of time so you have an easier time settling in. Be sure to review the lease thoroughly to get a full understanding of the dos and don’ts of your new place.

2 Weeks Out:

Moving day is around the corner and there are a few essential things to check off your list:

Determine what’s essential (and pack the rest): 2 weeks out, you’ll want to determine what can be packed away and what you’ll need to keep out until the day of (or day before) the move. Keep things like your phone charger and tooth brush accessible until the last minute, but pack away as much as possible to minimize stress the day of. 

Book moving help: You likely have your movers in mind already, so about a month out, it’s time to book! One simple way to get started is to book a Tasker (or two) for moving assistance. You can provide details well in advance so your Tasker is ready to help when moving day rolls around. 

Schedule cleaning services for your new place: One thing that’s often overlooked is the necessity of cleaning before you move into your first apartment. It’s a good idea to hire someone to help with the cleaning so you can focus on settling in. No one wants to be scrubbing shower mold when they’ve got a new space to decorate!

Get rid of last-minute items: Two weeks out is a good time to throw away (or donate) smaller last-minute items: things like books, unused appliances, and trinkets can be disposed of at this point to lighten your load.

1 Week Out:

With only a week to go, there are a few final things to do:

Finish packing: Pack the last of the last, and leave out only the things you’ll need access to the day of. Get those last books, tools, and treasures tightly packed and ready to go!

Get the keys to your new place: Make sure you have the keys to your new place so you can easily go in and out. Ensure in advance that the keys fit the locks.

Make final confirmations: Confirm the details of your move with movers, finalize address changes, and ensure any utilities are in place. 

Moving Day:

The big day has arrived! Stay organized and focused with these essential moving day tasks:

Conduct a final walkthrough: You’ll want to do a walkthrough of your new place and take photos of its condition. Take note of any damage or defects. If you’re moving out of an apartment, you’ll want to document everything in that space as well.

Assist movers: It can be helpful if you assist your movers with the moving process, but if you have full-service movers, you can just sit back and relax!

Begin unpacking: Once everything is moved in, it’s time to unpack! Whether you’re doing it alone, with friends, or with help from a Tasker, you can finally start to get settled in. Enjoy your new space!

What To Pack – Checklist By Room

While a timeline is helpful, some folks prefer to make their checklist room by room. Here’s our outline for moving into your first apartment one room at a time:


  • Pots & Pans
  • Knives
  • Utensils (forks, spoons, etc.)
  • Baking supplies
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups and mugs
  • Small appliances (toaster, coffee grinder, etc.)
  • Medium appliances (microwave, blender, etc.)
  • Spatula
  • Colander
  • Oven mitt
  • Apron
  • Scrub brush for dishes