These Are A Few of Our Favorite Tasks

December 12, 2019

When life happens, we’re there for you — especially during this holiday season. Homes need to be prepped for winter, gifts need to be wrapped, and celebrations are awaiting. So we thought it would be fun to play a little round of “TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe: Holiday Edition.” Here’s how it works:



Too busy to purchase holiday decorations at a party store, or unpack and hang the decorations from last year? Hire a Tasker to help make your space cheery for the season. Don’t have a tall enough ladder to hang lights around the perimeter of your roof? Hire a Tasker to do it — and then take them all down (whether you’re the type of person who un-decks the halls a day after Christmas or well into spring!)

Real task inspiration:

“I need someone to install large multi-color Christmas lights on our new home. My fiancee and I are busy moving into the home and getting ready for our wedding, and as this is our new home she has dreams of lighting up the house, and I’d like your help to make that happen.”

“We’re looking for someone to make 96 Christmas tree skirts for our upcoming holiday party.”

“I have a dry, pokey Christmas tree I need to bring down to the apartment dumpster in the garage. Because the tree is so pokey, sturdy work gloves are a must.”

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks to deck your halls:

Decorating → Mounting → Cleaning


Holiday parties are a “work hard, play hard” situation. Let the Taskers do the “work hard” part so you can relax and revel. 

Real task inspiration:

“The company I work for is hosting a gift wrapping party for our customers. Anyone who brings in an unwrapped gift can come in and get their gift wrapped while they eat cookies, drink wine, and sip hot chocolate! We are looking for Taskers to be on-site wrapping gifts.”

“I’m looking for a Tasker to clean my senior parents’ house prior to Christmas guests.”

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks for your holiday party:

Delivery → Event Staffing → Cleaning


Santa gets all the credit, but hire Taskers to do your holiday shopping for you and avoid the crowds. Bonus points if you book a Tasker to take donations to charity during the holiday season, whether it’s gently used clothing or furniture.

Real task inspiration:

“Looking for a detail-oriented Tasker to put together 150 holiday gifts for our clients. This includes tying cinnamon sticks and rosemary around tea boxes, safely wrapping whiskey tumblers, etc. No gift wrapping involved.”

“I need help wrapping 4 boxes, but there’s a catch. This is for a game called “unwrap the gift” where a group of people race to unwrap a box that has been wrapped up 5+ times–while wearing oven mitts.” 

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks for your holiday party:

Shopping → Gift Wrapping → Donation

Need a hand this holiday season? Make life easier with help from a Tasker. 


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