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San Francisco Painted Ladies

Only in San Francisco: Best Tasks By the Bay

Whether you’re a devout local or an enthusiastic visitor, try these uniquely San Francisco Tasks on for size: 1. Nab a Tartine Bakery morning bun without waiting in line. 2. Find a treasure at the Alemany Flea Market and get help hauling it back to your place. 3. Have a genuine Mission burrito from El Farolito, Taqueria Cancún, Papalote, or La Taqueria delivered to anywhere in the city. [pullshow] 4. Taste the famous tea leaf salad from Burma Superstar without trekking to the Outer Richmond. 5. Get your pooch an escort to Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, or Buena Vista Park. 6. Score tickets for the Curran, Orpheum, Golden Gate, or American Conservatory Theatre the minute the box office opens. 7. Have a TaskRabbit hold your place in line at AT&T Park for the Giants bobblehead du jour. 8. TaskRabbits can bring provisions as you stake your claim in front of your favorite stage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. 9. Commission a personal tour guide to explore the gorgeous wine …

A Cross-Country Rescue Mission

We talk a lot about how neighborly we are here at TaskRabbit and every now and then we hear a story that proves it in a big way. When our Director of UX, Sarah H., heard her sister was stranded in downtown Boston with no wallet and a nearly dead phone, she was worried. A continent away in San Francisco, there wasn’t very much she could do to help out. Then she remembered: She has neighbors in Boston. A whole lot of neighbors. Sarah posted a Task. It was picked up right away and, within 30 minutes, Boston TaskRabbit Christie G. had located her sister, given her some cash to get on a train home, then texted Sarah to confirm the rescue mission was a success. “I’m so glad I was able to help,” Sarah told us. “I know what it’s like to lose my wallet or drop my keys down the elevator shaft. I love that TaskRabbit made it possible for me to reach out to my sister who’s clear across the country.”

How TaskRabbit Helped Amy D. Help Others

When Amy D. walks to work from her home in San Francisco’s Union Square, she inevitably has to pass through the Tenderloin, one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods. In addition to a high crime rate, the Tenderloin contains a particularly large homeless population — nearly 6,000 homeless people pass through it each day. Amy wanted to help these people in whatever small way she could, so she decided to begin making wrap sandwiches and passing them out. The only problem? It was hard to feel safe in such a tough area. Amy didn’t want to stop helping out, so she decided to hire a TaskRabbit to accompany her on her food delivery journeys through the Tenderloin. Having a TaskRabbit with her made her feel comfortable enough to travel even deeper into the neighborhood and help feed the people who needed it the most. If you’re a TaskPoster or TaskRabbit with an amazing story, you could be featured on the next TaskRabbit Tales. Give us a shout at

TaskRabbit Launches Web App For Deliver Now in San Francisco

In June, we were thrilled to launch Deliver Now, our on-demand courier service through our iPhone app. Today, we’re super excited to roll out the first Web-based, on-demand courier option: The Deliver Now Web App. So, what does this mean? It means anyone within San Francisco can enjoy the seamless on-demand experience of Deliver Now from his or her desktop. Of course, those out and about in San Francisco can still use Deliver Now on their iPhone through our iOS app. The Deliver Now Web App is just as easy to use as the feature on our iPhone app. The TaskPoster just enters the details of their delivery and a nearby TaskRabbit will be assigned automatically to complete it, usually in less than a minute. The assigned TaskRabbit will be on their way in a jiffy to pick up and deliver the item to the TaskPoster. The average delivery takes less than an hour. Pricing is the same — an introductory flat rate of just $10 — and the TaskPoster pays expenses directly through our …

TaskRabbit iPhone 5

After Nearly 100 Hours in Line, San Francisco’s First iPhone 5

After nearly 100 hours of waiting in line, Charlie H. finally completed the most ambitious Task he’s ever taken on. After hours of chatting up reporters and fans, Charlie met his TaskPoster and they walked into San Francisco’s Union Square Apple Store together, as the very first people to buy iPhone 5s. See Charlie, his mystery TaskPoster, and the crowds at San Francisco’s biggest Apple store in the gallery below. Impressed? Give Charlie a virtual high-five by tweeting him @zizska.

We’re First in Line at the Apple Store

DAY FOUR Wondering how Charlie’s doing today? Well, he finally has some friends in line with him. Even more people (TaskRabbits included) are expected to line up in front of the San Francisco Union Square Apple Store tonight. When we checked in with him today he showed us how he’s getting his ramen and coffee fix each morning. Watch the video below for more. We’ll check in with Charlie again tomorrow. Have questions for him? Just let us know and we’ll ask. In the meantime, be sure to follow him on Twitter and if you’re in SF, drop by and give him a high five. He deserves it. Skip the line! _______________ DAY THREE Charlie’s well into his third day camped out in front of San Francisco’s Union Square Apple Store and his great mood is unwavering. He’s using Deliver Now for regular infusions of burrito, and he’s even found a new friend in his 24-hour security detail. _______________ DAY TWO Charlie was in good spirits when we checked in with him this afternoon. Despite …

Wanna Win a Free iPhone 5?

This morning, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5. We can’t wait to get our hands on it. We plan to line up early. Really, really, really early. Want us to hold your place? TaskRabbits are standing by in New York and San Francisco to hold places in line on release day, Friday, September 21st. Reserve your spot today for just $55. Your assigned TaskRabbit will wait in line at your local Apple Store for up to 4 hours and swap places with you before you purchase the iPhone. Pretty sweet, huh? I want to skip the line! Not in these cities? No problem. Post a Task with your details here. It gets sweeter. Everyone who hires a TaskRabbit to wait in line at the Apple Store for this release will be entered to win a brand new iPhone 5. We’ll announce two winners on Thursday, September 20th. Don’t be like Brian, hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for you today.

How TaskRabbit Helped Betsy and Toby Throw Their Dream Wedding

Allow us to share the second installment of TaskRabbit Tales, a new series designed to showcase some of the best stories in the TaskRabbit universe. In this episode we meet Betsy and Toby, a photographer and opera singer who fell in love with a continent between them. It didn’t take long for Betsy to move from her home in New York City to San Francisco to be with Toby, but when she arrived she realized she’d need a little help in the employment department. So Betsy became a TaskRabbit to fill in the financial gaps between freelance assignments. The story doesn’t end there though, it goes on to happily ever after. You see, when Betsy and Toby decided to tie the knot, Betsy realized she could hire fellow TaskRabbits to help create the wedding of their dreams. Suddenly their limited budget didn’t seem so limiting. Congratulations from all of us here at TaskRabbit, Betsy and Toby! If you’re a TaskPoster or TaskRabbit with an amazing story, you could be featured on the next TaskRabbit Tales. …

Rob Spiro of Good Eggs Discusses Food and the Collaborative Economy

We’re more than a little obsessed with collaboration and food, so we’re positively giddy over the Good Eggs mission — to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. In the most recent episode of Collaboratively Speaking, Leah sits down with Good Eggs CEO and co-founder Rob Spiro to talk about how the collaborative economy moves his mission forward. Operating as a two-sided marketplace, Good Eggs connects farmers and food makers with people in their communities who are interested in eating well. By taking on administrative hurdles such as marketing and distribution, Good Eggs makes it possible for food makers and farmers to focus on their products. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts in the conversation came when Rob told Leah about the three specific ephiphany-type moments that inspire people to eat well: 1. Expecting children. This reminds people that what you put into your body matters, big time. 2. Reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. According to Rob, this single book is responsible for many, many sustainable eating conversions. 3. Biting into a …

TaskRabbit Helps PopSugar Make Mondays (and Tuesdays) Sweeter

Okay, confession time. The ladies of the TaskRabbit office are a wee bit obsessed with POPSUGAR Must Have. To be honest, so are a few of our dudes. A monthly box full of a surprising variety of awesome (and full size) products for only 35 bucks? Sign us up. TaskRabbits in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York were tickled pink (seriously, right down to their sneakers) this week to help spread the word about Must Have. Outfitted in crisp white shirts and hot pink bow-ties and Converse sneakers, these TaskRabbits Must Have boxes and luxury gifts to select members in each city. They even passed out cupcakes to the office mates of each recipient. Now that’s how you make Mondays (and Tuesdays) sweeter.