How TaskRabbit Helped Betsy and Toby Throw Their Dream Wedding

September 6, 2012


Allow us to share the second installment of TaskRabbit Tales, a new series designed to showcase some of the best stories in the TaskRabbit universe. In this episode we meet Betsy and Toby, a photographer and opera singer who fell in love with a continent between them. It didn’t take long for Betsy to move from her home in New York City to San Francisco to be with Toby, but when she arrived she realized she’d need a little help in the employment department. So Betsy became a TaskRabbit to fill in the financial gaps between freelance assignments.

The story doesn’t end there though, it goes on to happily ever after. You see, when Betsy and Toby decided to tie the knot, Betsy realized she could hire fellow TaskRabbits to help create the wedding of their dreams. Suddenly their limited budget didn’t seem so limiting. Congratulations from all of us here at TaskRabbit, Betsy and Toby!

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