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Happy Father's Day

Hire a TaskRabbit, Make Dad Proud

So you waited until the last minute to arrange a Father’s Day gift? Relax, it’s not too late. TaskRabbits can help you delight the dads in your life. Awesome, friendly, dad-loving TaskRabbits can: Deliver everything he needs for a barbecue. Pick up and deliver that camping gear he’s had his eye on. Bring him a bottle of something good. Do his chores for the week. Play caddy for the day. Send Dad Some Love  

Gift Wrapping Help

Task of the Week: Wrap These Gifts

You did it! You finally bought the last thing on your list and you’re ready to start making people smile. Only you’re all thumbs when it comes to wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and tags. Relax. We’ve got tons of creative TaskRabbits ready to make your gifts gorgeous. TaskPosters from San Francisco to New York are hiring TaskRabbits to wrap, pack, and ship gifts for family, coworkers, and friends. They can even pick out the perfect wrapping paper. Why spend your time trying to figure out how to curl ribbons? Post a gift wrapping Task today.

Tangled Christmas Lights Help

Task of the Week: Let There Be Light

Sure, you could spend hours untangling holiday lights and weaving them into your tree only to discover the whole string has gone dark thanks to one little bulb you can’t seem to track down. You could attempt to shimmy up to the roof with a staple gun and shaking hands to transform your home into a winter wonderland. You could do those things, but wouldn’t it be nicer to have a friendly hand? Tons of TaskRabbits are holiday light enthusiasts and decor experts — ready to decorate, troubleshoot, and generally illuminate your December. They’re saving TaskPosters like Mary G. from making a tangled mess of their holiday decor. Couldn’t you use a hand with those lights?

TaskRabbit Gap Holiday Partnership 2012

TaskRabbit Partners With Gap To Lend a Helping Hand for Your Holiday To-Do List

Everyone loves the holidays, but they do have a tendency to overwhelm people. From holiday shopping to gift wrapping, decorating to preparing for out-of-town guests, there’s a seemingly endless To-Do list that can put a chill on the month of December. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Gap to take the stress out of the holiday season. Between December 8th and 24th, Gap shoppers who spend $75 or more at participating Gap stores in San Francisco and New York will receive a $25 TaskRabbit voucher, valid toward any Task this holiday season. We’ve also built a custom web portal for Gap shoppers that makes it possible to outsource Tasks like gift wrapping or waiting in line to meet Santa with a single click. Shoppers in New York and San Francisco will also benefit from an in-store experience that makes the holidays even easier. The TaskRabbit Concierge Desk will be available weekends in December at New York’s 17th & 5th Avenue Gap store and San Francisco’s Market & Powell Gap store. …

Help Baking Christmas Cookies Recipe

Task of the Week: Bake My Cookies

There comes a turning point during every December when cookies start showing up everywhere. Dessert tables at cocktail parties are piled high with dainty butter cookies, gingerbread men eclipse the bakery section of your local supermarket, and festively shaped sugar cookies dusted with red and green sprinkles adorn every surface of your office break room. Yes, it’s cookie time. And we’re okay with that. The thing we’re not okay with? Spending hours in the kitchen trying to make flour magically morph into cookies that’ll impress friends, coworkers, and relatives. That’s why we’re impressed with TaskPosters like Christy S. for outsourcing holiday baking to TaskRabbits. Christy hired Joanna L. to bake six dozen holiday cookies and we’ve gotta admit — we’re really jealous. We have firsthand knowledge of Joanna’s pastry prowess and it’s pretty remarkable. Couldn’t you use a hand with your holiday cookies?

Holiday Shopping Time

Announcing Our Cyber Monday Winners

We’re very excited to announce the winners of our Cyber Monday contest. We challenged TaskPosters and businesses to give themselves the gift of extra time by posting a Task on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hundreds of people took us up on the challenge and found some spare hours amidst the chaos of holiday spending. Congratulations to TaskPoster Abigail S. and TaskRabbit for Business customer The Gorman Group!

Cyber Monday Startups TaskRabbit Deal

On Cyber Monday, Give Yourself the Gift of Extra Time

Post a Task today and you could win $250 in Task Credit to get you through the holiday season. TaskRabbits can help with decorations, tree pick-up, holiday cards, dinner parties, gift-wrapping, comparison shopping, or whatever else is on your holiday To-Do list. Here’s the deal: 1. Post your Task today. Be sure “Cyber Monday” is mentioned in the title or description of your Task. 2. All Tasks posted on Cyber Monday that have been completed by November 30th will be entered into a drawing. 3. We’ll award one lucky TaskPoster with $250 in Task Credit. Ready to save some time? Post your Cyber Monday Task No purchase necessary to enter. All persons who sign up for a free TaskRabbit account are entered.

Black Friday Small Business Saturday Cyber Monday Help

Task of the Week: Save Me From Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving brings with it a pretty big seasonal shift. The omnipresent scent of pumpkin lattes magically morphs into the aroma of peppermint mochas, the autumnal color palettes lining store shelves change to golds and greens and reds, and every brick-and-mortar and online store fills to the brim with bustling hoards of shoppers and deep, deep discounts. Wouldn’t it be nice to cash in on Black Friday deals without having to brave the masses of holiday shoppers? TaskRabbits can help you conquer the year’s busiest shopping day — and every other part of the holiday shopping season. Here’s how to get started this weekend: Black Friday No need to camp out, a TaskRabbit can hold your place in line at the busiest stores this year. Small Business Saturday A TaskRabbit can help you support businesses in your community by handling your local shopping or delivering food from your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Cyber Monday TaskRabbits can handle researching the best online deals for everything on your shopping list.  

Seasonal Staffing Holiday Help

Dealing With Seasonal Demand

The holidays are time for families to come together, people to celebrate, and business operators to wake up in cold sweats, panicking about how they will manage the seasonal rush. If you’re a retailer, you’re faced with a larger than average influx of customers (a good thing), that may be standing around waiting for someone to help them because you don’t have enough employees in your stores (a bad thing). Even if you’re not a retailer, this is the time of year you add more and more items (holiday parties, client gifting) to your usual 5,000 item To-Do list. I know what it feels like, I’ve been through it. [pullthis]In the Fall of 2010, I ran a digital camera rental company and spent at least 10 hours a week cleaning, packing, and shipping cameras to satisfy rapidly expanding seasonal demand. You know what I wasn’t doing during those 10 hours? Running my business. I’ve learned a thing or two since then, like how to prevent my customers (and bank account) from feeling the burden of …

Airline Booking Help Sandy

Task of the Week: Help Me Take Flight

It’s been one crazy week for air travel. People impacted by Hurricane Sandy have been turning to TaskRabbits to help book alternative flights, and we’re all happy to help in whatever ways we can. While we hope the worst of the airline struggles are behind us, we’re also aware that the busiest travel season of the year is right around the corner. Whether you’re looking to fly home for the holidays, steal away for a much-needed island vacation, or map out a road trip to a winter wonderland, TaskRabbits can help with all your travel planning needs. You don’t even have to be in one of our active markets to post this Virtual Task. Let us know how we can help you take flight.