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Post Holiday Chores

Post-Holiday Chores? We Can Help.

Finally. No more cookies to bake, gifts to wrap, hams to glaze… it’s over! But before you can rejoice and ring in the new year, there are a few loose ends to tie up. Like, for instance, that stack of gifts you need to return and exchange. Or those lights lining your house that need to be unstrung and packed away. Or that tree. The one that’s shedding dry needles all over your floor. Relax — TaskRabbits can help with just about all your post-holiday chores. Gift Returns & Exchanges When even thinking about braving the mall agains sends shivers up your spine and you have a pile of gifts to deal with, just turn to a trusty TaskRabbit. Whether you need it returned, exchanged, altered, or donated, TaskRabbits can handle it. Taking Down Decorations Ready to take down the lights, pack up the stockings, and de-ornament the tree? TaskRabbits can help disassemble all your decor and neatly pack and organize it for next year. No need for you to get tangled up in lights. …

Help Baking Christmas Cookies Recipe

Task of the Week: Bake My Cookies

There comes a turning point during every December when cookies start showing up everywhere. Dessert tables at cocktail parties are piled high with dainty butter cookies, gingerbread men eclipse the bakery section of your local supermarket, and festively shaped sugar cookies dusted with red and green sprinkles adorn every surface of your office break room. Yes, it’s cookie time. And we’re okay with that. The thing we’re not okay with? Spending hours in the kitchen trying to make flour magically morph into cookies that’ll impress friends, coworkers, and relatives. That’s why we’re impressed with TaskPosters like Christy S. for outsourcing holiday baking to TaskRabbits. Christy hired Joanna L. to bake six dozen holiday cookies and we’ve gotta admit — we’re really jealous. We have firsthand knowledge of Joanna’s pastry prowess and it’s pretty remarkable. Couldn’t you use a hand with your holiday cookies?

Christmas Tree Hauling Help

Task of the Week: Deliver My Christmas Tree

Ah, the grand tradition of lugging a Christmas tree home. Sap sticking to your hands and hair, needles flying out all over the place, you hoping hard it doesn’t slide from the roof of your car on the way home. TaskPosters from LA to Chicago know it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow the lead of Erik B. in Los Angeles — he hired Wesley H. to pick out a tree and stand and deliver it to his home in Marina Del Ray. Now all he has to do is decorate. Wouldn’t it be great to let someone else handle the evergreen this year? Stay tuned for more updates on how TaskRabbits can help out this holiday season.