Stress-Free Holiday Hosting Tips

December 10, 2019


When it comes to holiday parties, everyone wants to be the host(ess) with the mostest. But that doesn’t mean juggling hosting duties alone. We asked Taskers and friends to share their best tips for stress-free holiday hosting. Read on for ways to stay sane throughout the happiest time of year.

Make a plan. Then make a Plan C.

“Embrace your ‘Plan B’s’ & ‘Plan C’s’ and ask for help as often as you can. Asking others for assistance is a great way to accomplish more while sharing the holiday spirit.” – McKay M., Phoenix Tasker

Don’t do it all at once!

“Planning in stages really helps. Pre-planning the decor makes it so much easier so that when you get to the store you actually have a plan and not just buy everything that you think will work! Next I plan the menu and write out what dishes I want to make, what dishes I will be ordering and from where, and the list of ingredients I will need. And then, you start delegating!” – Tiffany Ish, @tiffanyish

Clear out closet space.

Welcoming people at the door is hectic enough without frantically trying to find a place to store their coats. Make room in a hallway closet or set up a rolling coat rack for guests to easily keep track of their jackets. Don’t have storage space? Clear off a bed and have guests place coats there.

Give people a job.

“Most of us feel like we have to do all the heavy lifting when hosting but really, people are looking to you to tell them what you need. From grabbing wine to folding napkins and setting the table, it’s fun to delegate jobs to people you know will enjoy being helpful. My dad always likes to be the gopher, so we send him on grocery runs. It’s a win/win for everyone!” – Kate Arends, @witanddelight


Minimize cleanup.

The last job you want to do when guests leave is cleanup. Save yourself an additional chore by covering the counter or table with a large roll of craft paper to protect from spills. Now you can label dishes or even create a cheese and charcuterie board straight on the paper. When the night is over, just rip off the paper and toss it in the trash.

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