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Organize Your Fridge in These Simple Steps

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Aside from our closets, the refrigerator is probably the most-used area of a home each day. A well-stocked fridge is a dream, but the opposite can be just daunting enough to turn us off our food entirely.

Tidy up your refrigerator in a few simple steps with tips from Tasker Maggie E, and find a Tasker for backup if needed.

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Store like with like

Maggie’s rule of thumb: keep like items in the same place. “All beverages together, fruit together, etc.” she says, organized by the temperatures they should be cooked to in order to avoid contamination. Spilled leftovers that drip on the raw chicken on the shelf below won’t ruin the chicken, but you wouldn’t want the reverse to happen. Here’s how we like to organize the refrigerator:  


Know what doesn’t belong

Resist temptation to toss everything into the fridge after a trip to the grocery store. A surprising number of foods don’t actually need to be refrigerated. In particular, some fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas that can cause other sensitive items to spoil early. You can maximize precious real estate by knowing what you can keep on the counter or in the pantry.

Fridge Checklist

Check expiration dates

We all have that ketchup bottle that’s sat in the fridge since we moved in. Or that second jar of pickles we bought before we found an already opened jar hidden behind the orange juice. To avoid unnecessary waste, Maggie recommends checking each shelf or drawer weekly and composting or recycling anything past use. Storing easy-to-overlook items on a Lazy Susan is another great way to make sure everything is seen.

Ditch the takeout containers

Leaving leftovers in takeout containers just increases the chance that they’ll languish forgotten in the back of the fridge. Instead, Maggie advises transferring them to clear, microwave-safe storage containers. We like keeping a marker and masking tape near the fridge so you can easily date each container and know when it’s time to eat or toss.


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Maximize storage

Our favorite storage hacks include Lazy Susans to store spices and condiments, wire storage racks to add order to the freezer (and keep condensation from building), under-shelf baskets, and sturdy egg containers you can stack to save space.

Freshen Up

As great as dinner probably smells while you’re making it, no one likes the lingering scents of multiple meals. While baking soda is the most common deodorizer, try activated charcoal (find it at any pet store) to get rid of more stubborn smells. On top of an odor-free fridge, line shelves with plastic wrap or placemats to keep them crumb free.



  1. I do admit that I’m 100% guilty of having an unorganized refrigerator. With my new goal of losing weight this year and shopping for healthier groceries, I do need to clean out my fridge with some Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking soda, and diatomaceous earth, so i can have my fridge sparkling clean and my groceries well organized. Thanks for the healthy reminder! 🙂

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