Moving Task Descriptions

May 4, 2021

Planning a move is a big undertaking–and you have our sympathy. You may be surprised by all the ways that Taskers can help. From packing to moving boxes, read on for the range of moving services provided by TaskRabbit and learn how we can support you at any–or every–step of your move. We got your back (literally, we will do the heavy lifting for you!)

Once you start chatting with a Tasker, they can help you iron out any missing details! Here are some key considerations:

When you book a Help Moving task, your task description is crucial to helping the Tasker understand how to plan. If you need help packing and unpacking, book a Full Service Help Moving task to ensure the expectations are mutual. 

Determine if you need 1 or more Taskers. Since Taskers are independent contractors, it is not possible to hire multiple Taskers through one task. If you need multiple Taskers, you can hire them yourself or ask your Tasker for referrals. 

Moving an entire home is very different than moving just a few items within your building! A detailed task description is the best foundation for a smooth task. This information up front helps a Tasker understand what questions to ask so they can provide the best possible service. 

Double check your task description and chat thread content for typos. We’ve seen plenty of misspelled street names, zip codes that are a digit off, and incorrect time estimates and little mistakes can lead to much bigger ones! 

Use chat to confirm with the Tasker if you need them to rent a vehicle, if they have moving supplies like a dolly and blankets, if you already have boxes and packing tape, etc. 

If your Tasker rents a vehicle and pays for gas, or if they have to grab additional supplies like more packing tape, confirm that you will approve expenses incurred once the Tasker uploads a receipt to the chat thread. 

To make it easier to book your moving task, we’ve prepared some moving “mad libs”. 

Here are a few sample task descriptions for the most common types of moving tasks on TaskRabbit. If you need help getting started you can copy and paste one of these into your task description–just fill in the blanks!

When you’re booking the task, you will be promoted to indicate if the move requires a vehicle and how long you estimate the task will take, so those details are excluded from the sample descriptions below. But feel free to reiterate any vehicle requirements and the estimated duration. 

For more tips to support you on your moving adventure, check out:

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